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Oh me oh my... 
                        ...I've been on a bit of a roll this week! I think I've been starved from my much loved simmies for too long and this is my official first week free in a while lol.

Anyway, today I'd like to share with you a simmie called Chloe. She's kinda cool - well at least I think so! :D :D :D


Hello peaches!

So today I've had a really productive Sunday jammin' in front of the PC - making some eye candy!

I finally finished my course so I'm really happy about that, and will have a bit more free time to get back to my usual simming antics. 

Anyway, I won't ramble on too much and present you with Kye King!


Good morning sweet peas and pods, 

yes I'm still slacking! But but... oh my brain really needed a well deserved break :D :D
(any excuse to sim!) 

I'd been working for a while on a simself of my daughter - as a grown up and so far so good, all the family members I've sent it to (lol!) have given her a thumbs up - including little Miss Darcy herself! 

She's rather precious and I was tempted not to share but because I'm feeling generous, 
here she is :)

Falls Touch, 3br 3ba

hello sweet peas & puddin's ;)

I finally managed to finish the interior/exterior reno I started last week. It was originally for a competition - for which the amazing Chemicalwibs won! ..but I didnt get around to finishing it in time. Anyway, waste not want not! Here it is :)

30 x 20
CC free but contains CAP patterns.
Play Tested!
Lots of Piccies in no particular order!

Single Dad

ello ello ello ello.....!

Once again.. it's been a while! I feel like such a slacker BUT not without good reason. I'm studying at the moment and I tell you, my brain is just not able to load and save information like it used to. I dont know whether it's motherhood or age but man - I am dusting off cobwebs from my brain on a daily basis. 
I should be back to regular simmage soon - I have another week of my course and then an exam after which I'm free to nerd for a while :D :D Cannot wait I tell theeeeeee.... *jazz hands*

Anyway, I decided to take a well deserved break today and share with you a household I started last week. (lol... yes it's taken a week wtf).

I really like the father - Theis. He's probably the best male sim I've conjured up albeit he was originally a girl but I preferred him as a guy lol.

Well here they are... meet the Nilson's! 
Single dad Theis & his son Mattis

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