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Seasonal Marker Basics

Hey everyone, 

I wrote this down for my lovely friend B, then I figured I'd just share it with everyone. 

Seasonal Markers are not that simple to explain how to use, don't be put off - in reality they are simple if you follow some basic rules.

I HOPE I've explained well enough, without writing 10 paragraphs of crap to mush those brains.

This is very basic, it's what I do and I hope it explains a few things and gives you the confidence to 'have a bash' so to speak ;)

Seasonal Lot Marker - Residential Basics.

Ok so we've seen the hype.. and the houses - now you want to build your own!

First things first;

Keep it simple, keep it sweet.

Don't completely revamp your house for each season. 

ie: swapping out copious amounts of furniture.

Counters and objects
1 counter & 1 object on it (vase) = 1 vase as a common item for all seasons
1 vase as a seasonal item for ONE season.
Think of it as, the object (vase) is always there - just invisible if you've chosen to have it on display for ONE season.

The more objects the Marker needs to take away or load for the seasonal change will create a larger pause in gameplay.

1) buydebug > place seasonal marker

2) do not select 'Construction mode'

3) decorate your house as normal in 'Common mode'- 

Common Mode items will stay in the house all year round

4) you may have placed an item in common mode, then reaslised that in Winter you want a xmas tree in place of the 'chess table'.
At that point, the chess table is no longer a common item, but a seasonal item and will need to be placed again for Spring, Summer and Autumn.

5) select 'season mode' (I start with Winter) to make nominal seasonal changes inside - try to stick to decor

Winter - remove chess table. remove garden chairs. Place tree. Place mistletoe.
Spring - replace chess table, replace garden chairs. Place football net, place sandpit
Summer - replace chess table, replace garden chairs, replace football net, replace sandpit, add horseshoe game
Autumn - replace chess table, replace garden chairs, place halloween lights, place apple bobbing. Remove Sandpit, remove horseshoe game.

5) after every addition or change to a season, click 'Save Common Items' before moving to the next season.

These really are the basics.  I hope they help you and as you do this - even if you follow my example, you will become more confident.

Questions? - Just ask!

Good luck!



brunettesimgirl said...

Thank you so much! ♥♥♥

Wibs said...

Here I was thinking everything just changes with the seasons automatically *feels stoopid*. But I'm sure I'll get the hang of it with your brilliant tutorial :)

Caspin Sim said...

Well now this is most handy. I kind of understand the seasonal markers (not that I have them yet) but I'm sure I'm going to make mistakes and have mistletoe suddenly appearing in mid-June or something. Concentrate, Caspin, concentrate!

Yoteamo said...

You're welcome B! I hope it makes sense kind of lol

lol Wibs, you're not alone. At first I thought things changed automatically but yeh... well they do in theory. You just have to make it happen manually first :D

Caspin I think I'm still finding bits of mistletoe in mid-June so I wouldn't worry lol. Fish 'em out as you find them ;)


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