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Aoki - Iwate family update!

Hello there my darling pickles, 

Today I have a much anticipated update on the Aoki-Iwate family. It's been a while.. 
who am I kidding? It's always a while lol. 
Anyway, I've been uber busy in RL but over the past couple of weeks I've really gotten into playing my game as much as I can in my spare time. I finally found a world to settle down in (Evansdale County) and I've fallen in love with my family all over again. I've got hundreds of pics, but I've decided to do another update in a couple of days ;)

For those that remember, in the last update things weren't working out quite as planned in Lucky Palms. Linnea, baby nr. 2 had arrived and Mitsuko was being over worked. Whilst Loke was trying his best, there were still way too many arguments breaking out for my liking.. 

  so here we go;

Lake View Make-Over

Hello cats, kittens, boys, dolls and cheeky MONKEHS!!

It's been a while hasn't it... whilst I've been slacking in sims - I've not been slacking in real life I promise you. *hides my slippers*

So my boyfriend (lovely guy he is...) treated me to Aurora Skies as I really wanted it for my Valentines Day present hehe! I do love the world apart from the shitty snow issue (but what do we expect from EA) however it's not put me off playing there. It's beautiful even if I'm not playing it snow covered!

Anyway errr yes SO! I had to get around fixing up a house for my family the Aoki - Iwate's. I kinda like it... ALOT so I thought I'd share it. 
It utilises quite a bit of store stuff as I wanted to make the most of the items from the latest toddler sets and what not.

Lake View Make-over
25 x 25
Checked with Custard

Pic Spam Commencing

Una Casa 2br 1ba starter

Good afternoon my little joyous bag of nuts!

Cashew nuts, pistachio nuts, brazilian nuts, honey roasted nuts, black pepper nuts, chocolate coated nuts...  I'm not sure if it's because I'm feeling truly festive but I've filled up my jar of nuts - and I can't leave them alone!  :D :D

So, last week I got Monte Vista - I really like it! Of course.. the unappealing starter home in the town centre wasn't really saying much. I decided to place an old starter I'd made and revamp it with an italian vibe and also to make it a working apartment. 

So, I present thee with

Una Casa
2br 1ba Ground Floor Apartment
20 x 20

Shame on you AlbertaRose

So this morning, I sit down with a hot chocolate... I'm feeling all mellow when a post was brought to my attention. 

Seriously, if there's one thing that really gets my goat, it's self righteous, egotistical, arrogant, cavalier, contemptuous mo'fo's.

Seasonal Marker Basics

Hey everyone, 

I wrote this down for my lovely friend B, then I figured I'd just share it with everyone. 

Seasonal Markers are not that simple to explain how to use, don't be put off - in reality they are simple if you follow some basic rules.

I HOPE I've explained well enough, without writing 10 paragraphs of crap to mush those brains.

This is very basic, it's what I do and I hope it explains a few things and gives you the confidence to 'have a bash' so to speak ;)

Victorious 4br 2.5 ba

Good evening lovlies,

I hope everyone is well? The weather has turned here in London, it's cold and I've been totally rinsing the heating. Not looking forwards to my winter bills... anyway...

...I've been cracking on with my latest DNA Request by Bee1977, who STILL hasn't replied to any of my messages. Some people...!!! Not that I mind, as usual I've fallen a bit in love with this build and now have my family living in it hehe!

After some serious head scratching - as Victorian's aren't really my thing, I present thee with:

4br  2.5ba
'changes with the seasons'

Akai Akuma - Fusion Lounge

Hello peas and pods!

Omg, it's like... 3am but I had to get this finished! Plus I was having a ball play testing it with mine and Wib's simselves :D :D

Ok, I got the new Japanese set from the store and I loved it. I have most of the japanese stuff and wanted a place to use it as it does nothing but catch dust. I also wanted to create something for my homie Chemicalwibs because seriously... she's just awesome. I have so many of her lots in my game <3 ...and she's my virtual roomie!

So roomie... this is dedicated to you.
I thought Red Devil was appropriate as we're both fiery :P

I'm a bit worried because she's a complete fuss pot with a serious OCD for changing everything she add's to her game. I guess if I see pics of it in her game, I wont recognise it lol.

Here goes...

ps: there are pics of the build and then a few fun ones of me and Wibs play testing :P

CC Free
Akai Akuma
Fusion Lounge
20 x 20

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