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Aoki - Iwate family update!

Hello there my darling pickles, 

Today I have a much anticipated update on the Aoki-Iwate family. It's been a while.. 
who am I kidding? It's always a while lol. 
Anyway, I've been uber busy in RL but over the past couple of weeks I've really gotten into playing my game as much as I can in my spare time. I finally found a world to settle down in (Evansdale County) and I've fallen in love with my family all over again. I've got hundreds of pics, but I've decided to do another update in a couple of days ;)

For those that remember, in the last update things weren't working out quite as planned in Lucky Palms. Linnea, baby nr. 2 had arrived and Mitsuko was being over worked. Whilst Loke was trying his best, there were still way too many arguments breaking out for my liking.. 

  so here we go;

I think the straw that broke the camel's back in Lucky Palms was when Mitsuko returned from work to find the babysitter about to skinny dip in the hot tub.... 

Loke didn't want to leave the house & LP's but Mitsuko could be very persuasive ^_^

Sayuri however, had found love with Mr Satoshi Kimura. She decided to stay behind, as heartbreaking as it was. I'm sure she'll be checking in now and again though ;)

 It was autumn when the gang arrived in Evansdale County. They moved into a house just outside of the 'burbs near some farms. It was a far cry from Lucky Palms but a change for the better I think. At least for them.


The kiddo's were so tired after the big move, and I think the country air was having an effect of some kind. 

It was all taking it's toll on Lars who started making a habit of stealing Linnea's candy. Something he'd never done before! He was also skipping school a little too often.. 

..something Loke was not pleased to discover when he got home from a hard days work as you can tell! 

Speaking of country air, I think it was also having an effect on Loke - no kidding!
Either that or he's growing up. He finally got around to doing something with the afro 
and his relationship with Mitsuko is really blossoming. They're like teenagers in love ;)

Loke is also really enjoying his afternoon's off with Lars, it's nice for them to finally have a decent relationship that I don't have to manage. 

 'Spooky Day' was here! Lars spent the day playing with his friends and later went trick or treating.  None of the kids managed to get a bowl of candy...

Linnea's birthday was coming up and Lars decided to paint her a pretty picture to make up for all that candy he'd been stealing. He does love his lil' sis' but I guess he can't help himself, afterall he is 'evil' like his pops! 

 With the expense of the new house, Loke couldn't justify throwing Linnea a huge shindig like her last birthday. It was just a small affair at home but Auntie Sayuri showed up! That made it very special :) 

There's a bit of a pic spam here because I just love this kid and the relationship she has with her dad is beautiful <3

Not quite sure what happened to the eyes there ^ - clearly quite dazed and confused lol.

Gifts! Yay! Lars painting went straight on her bedroom wall, she was so happy with it. Massive huggles for Lars <3

Oh and she received a Hug-a-Bear from Loke and Mitsuko which she had really wanted. She carries this bear everywhere :D OH and look, finally some better pictures of her in a decent light. (Note to self, sort out the lighting in this house!)

I shall leave you with these pics of Loke rescuing a child from a burning building. 

Isn't he amazeballs! <3

 Oh and this pic of Loke in the bath.. not that I was spying because that's just crazy >.>
It's not like I have a huge crush on him or anything... 

 Til next time!


Unknown said...

How marvellous! It's always a good idea to finish with a bathtub picture, I reckon :D

Yoteamo said...

Caspin! I totally agree... it might become the 'thing' to do hahaha. Eye candy and bubbles = happy moments in my life lol xxx

Sommeliersims said...

OMG - sorry for commenting so late *red face*. Well, I must say this update was long overdue! But worth the wait :) The kids are über-adorable and mostly look like their papa it seems. Hope Mitsoku and Loke can keep the passion, they look so lovely together. Oh, and that house - smashing as always :) Looks like there is room for more kids...hint, hint ;) So you left Sayuri behind in LP, will you continue her story in a separate game or what?

Keep the updates coming - want moar, moar, moar! *hugs*

Yoteamo said...

LOL absolutely no problemo my dear <3 Omg I'm totally in love with these kids and yes, there is plenty of room for more lol. I'm not sure Mitsuko is ready yet although Loke has had the 'have a baby with Mitsuko' wish for a while now. Although Lars ages up to a teenager soon and maybe it will be nice for Linnea to have another younger sibling to play with.. hmmm.. you'll have to watch this space haha
Thanks for the comment on the house, I'd wanted to use it for a while and it seemed to fit so nicely in this world :)
Yes poor Sayuri got left behind. I'm hoping to continue her story because she's kind of young and full of energy. I think she'll be a good candidate for university! I just felt she was a little out of place in the house and I swear, since she's been gone Loke is a changed man haha
Ahh there shall be another update pretty soon xxxx

Sommeliersims said...

Lol - Atsumi and Alex keep getting the wish for a baby as well...and they have 5! When will it stop?! lol

Well, I hope to see more of Sayuri and her story - if she's goes to university or not. I still have to send Kirsty back for her 2nd term, but so much has happened with her that I have kind of forgotten about that. No update on her coming soon;)

SimmySimSam said...

I loved this update <3 Your game is beautiful!! ^_^

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