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Good afternoon cats, kittens, boys & dolls!

I am just loving up the sunshine here in London and I'm feeling all Springy. Tomorrow I'm catching up with my lovely, most favourite cousin ever which reminded me that I need to upload her simself. 
She's been in the Bin for ages, I used her to model some recolours but that was about it then I got Showtime....
YES go on! Throw Eggs at me, I know I said I wouldnt but my lovely boyfriend got it (excuses excuses).

Anyway enough random ramblings, here she is :)
Cc free version added too.

Semi Delight 3br 2ba

Hello my lovelies!

I'm baaaaack from my travels to Wroclaw and can finally give you guys the latest request house I made.
This build caused me some serious headaches after finally learning the hard way why not to save a build with cheats on... so here it is!

A Time To Reflect...

Hello my nearest and dearests, 

I am feeling quite sad & irritated this morning...
Going through my blog list, I just read a post made by quite a popular creator for TS3. I wont post a link because I dont want to intice a flame war by others, who may be left feeling rather angry or simply, quite sad like myself.

Molly Malone - A Sim For St. Paddy!

Hello lovelies,

Everyone on the officials is kinda MIA through either 'My Page Protests' or playing ingame and spamming walls which I fondly refer to as 'The Badge Hunters'. 
Oh ho ho ho you know who you are  *looks at pink cheeks*

...but thats ok because - if you cant beat 'em Join 'em!
Although I have yet to earn a badge and the ingame messaging is quite novel although ole' SF (no not the mag...) is taking the proverbial piss with the randomness. 

Anyway, those who are still around on the officials are getting a head start on the St. Patricks Day celebrations. Of course I had to join in.. I'm half Irish and I have some seriously fond memories of celebrations with my family. 

One of my favourite (and well known) characters is a lady called Molly Malone & my Nanna used to sing me 'Cockles & Mussles'. Wait hold on.. she still does after a wee tipple! hehe
So reflecting on this..I decided to create a Molly Malone to share with all of you folks who celebrate the occassion in one way or another. 


Update: Added a CC Free Version to Studio for you CC Free Junkies! (scroll dooooown)


The sun is shining and after a good nights sleep & much deliberation, I decided to stop being silly and share one of my favourite simmies with you! Treat her well <3
(I'll try to get a CC free version up to the exchange later)

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