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Good afternoon cats, kittens, boys & dolls!

I am just loving up the sunshine here in London and I'm feeling all Springy. Tomorrow I'm catching up with my lovely, most favourite cousin ever which reminded me that I need to upload her simself. 
She's been in the Bin for ages, I used her to model some recolours but that was about it then I got Showtime....
YES go on! Throw Eggs at me, I know I said I wouldnt but my lovely boyfriend got it (excuses excuses).

Anyway enough random ramblings, here she is :)
Cc free version added too.

Her Surname is Eden, not in relation to Eden by Wibs but my cousin's Surname really is Eden!

Custard Aproved
Clothes are from Showtime & Mastersuite

CC Credits

<3 Yote


Anonymous said...

She's gorgeous ^__^

Wibs said...

She is lovely, peaches :) I like her stylish wardrobe and the orange color - goes so well with her skin. Those Showtime dresses are really nice, but I wish the necklaces were optional. Anyhoo - a gazillion virtual recs for you!

Yoteamo said...

Thanks Pink Cheeks!! <3

Hey Wibs, thanks doll! It's all of those clogs I wear, the stylish scandinavianism is rubbing off LOL *hugs*

Amanda said...

Crapola if only I had Showtime I would download her! >_<

She is Beautiful btw and the pictures are Fab! ♥

Mene said...

I love the presentation, it's so clean ^.^ And the first dress is so super cute. I'm such a sucker for pretty clothes. It's making me lean more towards getting showtime.
I have the beautiful Tarnia rec'd and fav'd. Have a great day in the sun :D

Yoteamo said...

Amanda & Mene! <3
My pickles, thanks for dropping by and the lovely comments. I had a great day thanks and I think both of you should get showtime! I really cringe saying that but I think you'd really enjoy the new items hehe
Ohh and ty for the rec and fav little mene <3

imoger said...

Hi, sweetie! She's beautiful, great work! :)
I still trying to rec her on the exchange, the page doesn't load, but usually - when I write something like this the non-loading pages frightened and load, so I hope it will happen now too :D

imoger said...

aaaaand, yes - rec'd :D

Yoteamo said...

Imoger! <3 Hello lovely, how are you?? Thanks so much for persisting with the page and leaving a rec. My cousin is gorgeous in real life. Eats like a pig and looks like a princess lol I wish the same could be said for myself! lol *hugs*

SimEve said...

I need to catch up on your stuff. I hope you are doing well. Lovely Sim and I'm going to see what else you've been up to.

Yoteamo said...

Hello sweet Eve! I'm doing great thanks, especially after my kiddo slept in til 10:30am this morning lol! I hope you are well too <3
Thanks for the compliment, I hope you find something to tickle your fancy hehe

sell my house said...

The presentetion is loveble.Tarina looks so....cute.

Yoteamo said...

hello sell my house, I have to ask.. are you by any chance selling your house??? hehehe

Thank you so much for the lovely comment :)

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