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Bloody Mary - A Sim for you CC Free Halloweeners!

So feeling all moody after a lack of sleep I decided to get stuck into the beginning of the Halloween themed Sim's I'm planning on making for you guys.

The first of hopefully a few.. Bloody Mary!
Traits: Hopeless Romantic, Flirty, Loser, Neurotic, Hot-Headed

CC FREE!! Mary was never the most popular girl at school but she'd bagged a date for the prom. She woke up that fateful morning, feeling a little off colour & had a very very bad day. Jilted by her date and kicked off the cheerleading squad - the rest is your imagination. Poor Mary... I hear they let her out sometimes on day release and she never did quite get her colour back.


Kitty's New Hampsters - Wibs & Lucie

So, feeling tired and a brain dead (which is when I usually get my wierd, wacky and wonderful ideas) - I started to play my Defoe Family. Kitty was in the living room, and I was thinking about the topic of Pets in TS3 after a small discussion on Wib's blog. So I decided to go ahead and make some giant hamsters for Wibs.. as she has one called Lucie. They are living in Kitty's living room (house almost finished) but I just couldnt wait to share them with you. 

I bring you.. Wibs & Lucie.


AMG where does the time go

Hello my lovelies, 

no I havent forgotten that I'm a Sims Addict thats supposed to be building, decorating, building, decorating - because that's what I like to do! I just dont know where the time has gone.. I had a party on Friday that left me rather rotten til Sunday. I suppose hogging a bottle of rum to myself was not a good idea although at the time it seemed ingenious to carry the bottle and glass around with me all night. Until I couldnt stand up - literally. Commencing to sit there with one eye open, feeling rather sick and praying everyone would just go so I could hog the toilet.

Also, I've been playing Billy & Kitty. She so damn cute.. and busy working on their little love pad. Then again she's been busy loving in alot of pads - I wonder who the father will be!? *drum roll..* Scandalous.

Plus I decided to get on and make a modern build for Rubysims Contest. I've still got the entire top floor to decorate.. as well as finishing touches downstairs. Modern builds are not my forte.. so it's taking me what seems like a lifetime to get anything done.

Then Will >.< made another request. Basically giving me a shell to design the interior space and fully decorate (cry) It's a gym. Fun times.... would it be rude to say 'hey I really cba'?

All the while I still havent finished my Madlemosstoss Modern Gothic house. To be fair.. it's a huge undertaking and I think I spent so much time on the original 'Eliza June' painted lady version I've kind of run out of steam for it.

Oh and finally, my boyfriend just paid for my xmas trip to Poland to meet his parents! *Huzzah!* As I'm so broke and as he lubs me so much. How we're going to survive almost 2 weeks with no WoW and no TS3 is beyond me. But I'm SO Excited!  Going to another country.. to meet his parents and stay with them over Christmas is kinda like.. serious right?

Oh and they have a laptop.. I can play Yoville. He will just have to watch mwahahaha

Anyway here are some pictures of the current Wips (that WILL be finished!) to keep you updated!

I actually built this as I ran out of lots by Wibs and as they're a bit of a 50's couple, I'm trying to do the whole 50s vibe thingy.. favourite room so far is the kitchen. Its just so 'Kitty Defoe'

And here is a snippet of the Modern. Dont worry - I have gotten rid of those awful shiny couches. They have been replaced with some fabric. Still not finished! Feel free to nit pick at it and tell me what is poo 

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Kitty and Billy Defoe *Updated*

Sims were showing as 'black ie skinless' in game. Have fixed and reuploaded

CC Free
Download HERE 

Regan Best and her Retro Nest!

            Hello Peoples!
may I present you with a moment of my madness..
Regan Best & her Retro Nest.


Download Regan CC Free HERE
Download Regan with Cc click HERE
You Will also need to download the following package files:
Skin        <---click
 With thanks to Lady Frontbum, Shyne & Aikea

To Download Retro Nest CC FREE click HERE
To Download Retro Nest with CC click HERE
there are also some package files you will need
Granthes OMSP   -important if you want the objects to place correctly

The Rest of the CC should be included as it's just clutter - with many thanks to the following creators:
Camille, Baufive, Pocci, 8-3, Mangosims, Simcredible, Exotic Elements, ATS & Lily of the Valley.

Almshouse Apartment

Ok so I finally got the lights to work and revamped the exterior. So here is the floor plan and comments, ideas are more than welcome!

Almshouse Apartment

Yes! I've become addicted to building >.> and started a new apartment! Problem is, all the lights were working in the apartment, until I changed them. Now the lights are refusing to work HELP!!! lol

Sneaky Peek - 2 Story at the back 1 story at the front! Very clever aye... very time consuming I can tell you and of all the crap things that can go wrong it's the freaking lights not working  /wrist!

Cocomilia Cottage Apartment Complete

GOT FEATURED!!!!!!!!!!!   *wet myself*
Its CC FREE - you can download here HERE
Picture Spam HERE


I'm posting this because... I like it! Not only do I like it but.. I freaking made it!  *Huzzaaaah!*

Skin by Lady Frontbum  Here
Nails by Aikea  Here
Lip Gloss by Lemonleaf Here
Download CC Free Here!

Madle Moss - Modern Gothic WIP update

This house is killing me! Ohhh man, I think it's because I'm not entirely sure of how I want to portray a modern gothic so I'm drawing blanks all the time. I managed to get the kitchen and music room finished so here's a few pics for ya. Comments are most definiately welcome as is inspiration lol

You Can See The Previous Update

Will's Reno is complete!

Carmel Miller

Has arrived in Hidden Springs!

I like her, so I thought I'd share her & hope you like her to!

Click HERE for more pics and DL links

CC Free Clutter Junkies Ahoy!

I created this for you CC Free Clutter Junkies. Enjoy :)

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