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Bloody Mary - A Sim for you CC Free Halloweeners!

So feeling all moody after a lack of sleep I decided to get stuck into the beginning of the Halloween themed Sim's I'm planning on making for you guys.

The first of hopefully a few.. Bloody Mary!
Traits: Hopeless Romantic, Flirty, Loser, Neurotic, Hot-Headed

CC FREE!! Mary was never the most popular girl at school but she'd bagged a date for the prom. She woke up that fateful morning, feeling a little off colour & had a very very bad day. Jilted by her date and kicked off the cheerleading squad - the rest is your imagination. Poor Mary... I hear they let her out sometimes on day release and she never did quite get her colour back.



Wibs said...

Now that's a Halloween Sim if I ever saw one! Well done, left you a rec :)

Yoteamo said...

lol thanks lovely, actually those pics apart from one are unedited o.o she looks great ingame although her skin is a little green which for some reason when I put the light over her turns more whitish. It looks pretty good for non cc skin?

PenelopeT said...

Love...love...love this Sim! Great work. Makes me want to watch a good a horror movie. :)

Yoteamo said...

hey girly! thank you.. I'd love to watch a horror but since the birth of my daughter I get scared easily lol I havent watched a true horror in 3 years..pathetic I know. Maybe I'll watch one when she is old enough to watch it with me lol

xocaptiveox said...

She's awesome & scary! She totally fits with my idea of Halloween :) A rec' from me deary!

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