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Kitty's New Hampsters - Wibs & Lucie

So, feeling tired and a brain dead (which is when I usually get my wierd, wacky and wonderful ideas) - I started to play my Defoe Family. Kitty was in the living room, and I was thinking about the topic of Pets in TS3 after a small discussion on Wib's blog. So I decided to go ahead and make some giant hamsters for Wibs.. as she has one called Lucie. They are living in Kitty's living room (house almost finished) but I just couldnt wait to share them with you. 

I bring you.. Wibs & Lucie.



Wibs said...

LOL! How cute:) Where did you get those?

Yoteamo said...

hahaha Ah I thought you'd like them! They are the little panda money boxes that come with Generations? Kids Misc toys I think :D

Wibs said...

Whaaaa...?! Not CC? I shall browse the catalog next time I play, can't say I've seen it before. But Gen. came with so much stuff, I'm still discovering new things!

Yoteamo said...

lol I know!! Infact I was browsing for a nursery and saw them for the first time this morning. I was like they look like giant hamsters not pandas. Oh wait.. Wibs.. hamsters.. cow print recolor *brainwave* lol

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