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Iwate-Aioki Game Update :)

Hello little peanuts, 

so whilst my daughter is enjoying some time by the sea side with the other half of her family, I'm enjoying some time infront of the pc with some of my favourite simmies.

I have a little game update for you with... the Iwate-Aioki's!
I've been meaing to post it for a couple of weeks but yeh.. the summer holidays are proving rather busy.

For those of you who remember the last update, you will  recall Loke & Mitsuko got hitched & Loke was left in a state of shock after finding out Mitsuko was expecting baby number 2. So lets see what happened :)

August House 3br 3ba

Hello peanuts!

My building block is still here... it's really crap as my mojo has returned! Well, part of it I suppose as I can decorate but that's about it right now. Boo hoo.. 

Anyway, I thought I'd put what little mojo I have left to good use and share some builds that I'd been meaning to share for a few months and just not gotten around to doing!

The first, is a build I've named August House - I know! Where on earth did I get such an intriguing name! lol
I actually built this place back in December 2011, decorated most of it and had my legacy live in it part furnished whilst I cracked on with other projects. So here it is, August House. I hope you enjoy :)

August House
3br 3ba
30 x 30
No CC  

Lucky Palms Fire Station

Good morning pickles & lillies!

Last night my mojo decided to pay me a flying visit & I ended up making a Fire Station for Lucky Palms. 
Loke you see.. is a Firefighter Superhero  *licks lips* - and my little Community Fire House didnt seem to fit into Lucky Palms very well so yeh... 

I placed it on a 30x30 lot next to the Police Station.


Zomg! A new post already... and with a creation!? Yes, I didnt quite expect it to happen so soon myself either.... I guess inspiration came to me last night after checking out the Plus Sized Sim Contest Wibs had entered! 

It's so true, not enough chubsters on the exchange and I have quite a fondness curves as I am rather voluptuous myself! :D :D
I cant help it...cookie Jar said YES! & calls my name quite frequently... 

Let me introduce a sim who shares my fondness of food..
..Kimmie :D

Returning to Sims & huge game update!!

Hello cats & kittens, guys & dolls, 

I had taken a break to simming due to some irl issues and what not but anhoo... I'm back and getting back into the swing of things so hopefully I'll be sharing some new creations with you relatively soon :D
I started playing again a couple of weeks ago and I am hoping my creative mojo will find it's way back to me pretty damn soon... so while I wait for it to turn up and bite me on the ass I'm just gonna kick back and enjoy the game.

First off, let me show you how things are developing in the Iwate/Aoki household <3

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