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Iwate-Aioki Game Update :)

Hello little peanuts, 

so whilst my daughter is enjoying some time by the sea side with the other half of her family, I'm enjoying some time infront of the pc with some of my favourite simmies.

I have a little game update for you with... the Iwate-Aioki's!
I've been meaing to post it for a couple of weeks but yeh.. the summer holidays are proving rather busy.

For those of you who remember the last update, you will  recall Loke & Mitsuko got hitched & Loke was left in a state of shock after finding out Mitsuko was expecting baby number 2. So lets see what happened :)

Mitsuko gave birth to a bouncing baby girl called Linnea and Loke was over the moon. His wish for a girl was fulfilled although Mitsuko really wanted another boy she was happy. Loke was absolutely besotted with her.. 

With the pressure of a new baby Loke was putting in extra hours at work and not getting home til daybreak. He was looking damn good for it though..although he hadn't brushed his hair in a while lol.

Mitsuko was also feeling the pressure at work and at home. She was arriving home early hours in the morning to find she still had cleaning up to do. Life wasnt really turning out as hoped in Lucky Palms.

Loke could see Mitsuko was feeling stressed and lovingly reassured her that he would help out at home more. He knew how much getting a promotion would mean to her, and she'd been working so hard for it at the hospital.

To his credit, he also started spending more time with Lars. They really needed a man to man bonding session. ..it worked :)

Linnea's birthday came up, Loke went all out and hired a venue (Welcome baby by Imoger) (which they really couldn't afford) but she is his little princess afterall... the turn out was ok & friends seemed to enjoy themselves.

Only... Linnea was a little late (to say the least) to her own party & by the time they arrived everyone had left. Loke was really quite annoyed.

Nevertheless, Mitsuko & Sayuri gave the party poppers some welly & made the most of it.

Despite the failed party, it was great to see Linnea age up well.

Isn't she beautiful!

Loke had hoped she'd look a little more like him, but she's definately the spit of her mum.
(what a funny saying lol).

As it happened, little Lar's birthday was just around the corner too. It was his big boy birthday so they had to throw him a great party. Unfortunately the family funds just wouldn't allow them to hire a venue so at home it was to be & the turnout was pretty good even if everyone was late. (as usual!)

Mitsuko just couldn't believe her little boy was growing up. 
Behind the smile she was feeling quite emotional but Lars was loving the attention!

It was getting late so they decided to blow out the candles before it got too dark.

Everyone was so thrilled to see him grow into such a handsome boy! Just like his Daddy :)

Lars wasted no time in collecting his presents! Little mercenary :D
(hey look, Anderson Cooper turned up!) 

An iPad from Auntie Sayuri.. omg she's so awesome <3 big birthday squeeze incoming!

..and a Guitar from Mum & Dad. He was still a bit young to play it but hey.. it's the thought that counts? Not to mention a PS3. Lucky boy..

 The party was indeed a great success and Anderson Cooper is so hardcore. He partied til he was the last man standing at the break of dawn! I really dont think he could take anymore lol.

I shall leave you with a family pic for the album!

til next time pickles


Anonymous said...

What a lovely family! How come everyone as giving gifts? I have never seen that before :)


Caspin Sim said...

Devilishly handsome sims!

Yoteamo said...

Hey Wibble! Thanks so much :) I am not sure how good you need to be friends before you can give gifts. To be honest I get the option to give gift quite early on. Did you know you can also write 'thank you' letters if you click your mailbox? It's pretty cool. I think it was either after the wedding or after the birth of Linnea I got the option.

Caspin! Thank you <3 Do you have a simself I can steal? xx

Yoteamo said...

I just checked! It was the wedding, after you get married a day or so after, there will be gifts in the mailbox which go in the family inventory. After taking these gifts you can click on the mailbox and 'write thank you letters' :D

Anonymous said...

I always write thank you letters. - I'm a polite little simmer :P

--Wibble :)

Caspin Sim said...

Good golly, what would you get up to with my sim, Yote? Lol! There is a version of me at SF here if you like: http://www.simsforums.com/showthread.php?tid=11500

I'm the one drinking the freakish green cocktail towards the bottom of the page!

Wibs said...

Finally an update - took you long enough, woman! Lovely pics of a lovely family - and that house is to die for! Awww, Lars is a handsome little fella and Linnea is just a precious little cutie patootie ♥♥♥

Oh, and LOL at Anderson Cooper at the party - girl, that cracked me up! LMAO!

Yoteamo said...

Yes! Looks like we're all going on a summer holiday lol.

Hey roomie! Oh I know, I really need prodding with a stick sometimes lol. Thank you, the family is indeed coming along nicely and are in the process of moving to HS :D
Ahh the house, hmm... well err I've actually abandoned that project. Maybe I'll send it to you lol.
OH YES! Anderson hahaha he still has me in stitches everytime I look at him there lmao!

Wibs said...

Moving again, and to HS?! Well, it is beautiful there, just lagged too much for me. Atsumi and the gang are staying put in LP - love it there and NO lag;)

Oh no, that house looks like da bomb from what I can see. Maybe you just need a little break from it.

Oh and talk about egg on my face, found the email I thought I had sent to you in my drafts folder *ooops* - so I haven't ignored you. Will write you a new one and SEND it soon:)

Yoteamo said...

Yes I know! Problem is I've moved everyone to LP and I think I need a change of scenery... plus I've moved them into your cabin and that looks awesome in HS! No lag yet... fingers crossed. lol.

Oh I shall forgive you Wibs, goodness knows how you often put up with my late replies lol. Now get typing!!

Hmm and maybe you're right about the house. I'll sleep on it.. lol


BeAz said...

Adorei a família, achei muito fofa!

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