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Returning to Sims & huge game update!!

Hello cats & kittens, guys & dolls, 

I had taken a break to simming due to some irl issues and what not but anhoo... I'm back and getting back into the swing of things so hopefully I'll be sharing some new creations with you relatively soon :D
I started playing again a couple of weeks ago and I am hoping my creative mojo will find it's way back to me pretty damn soon... so while I wait for it to turn up and bite me on the ass I'm just gonna kick back and enjoy the game.

First off, let me show you how things are developing in the Iwate/Aoki household <3

Loke & Mitsuko decided to get hitched!! 
Mitsuko thought it would be uber cool to travel to Lucky Palms for a cheesy Las Vegas style wedding in the chapel. Loke wasnt all that keen on the idea but in the end they found a cute chapel <3

The morning of the wedding, Mitsuko went off to the salon whilst Sayuri stayed at home with Loke. Loke was feeling a bit nervous and Sayuri spent the entire morning laughing at him... bad Sayuri!

When Mitsuko returned, the girls had a few photos taken for the album. Loke missed the event as he had to pop into work...personally I think he went for a few beers with the boys!

Before they knew it, they were en route to the big day! Loke was even on time for the cab! Hooray!

It was a really beautiful ceremony & they had lots of guests.

It was all a bit much for a few guests. Whether it was the ceremony, or Loke being officially off the market I'll never know.

Afterwards there was a nice buffet enjoyed by all and Loke waited patiently for Mitsuko to finish her food so he could wisk her off to the dancefloor!

Whilst everyone gathered to watch the happy couple getting their groove on (much to Mitsuko's hysterics) Oskar decided to try his luck with bridesmaid Sayuri... no such luck mate! 
Her heart belongs to another!

A tipple too many and it was time for some more cheese... who knew Loke was so romantic!
I daresay there was no faster way to clear the room...

Sayuri had snuck off somewhere so a kindly neighbour offered to take little Lars home as it was way past his bedtime.

Mitsuko really appreciated the gesture as she wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of the evening whispering sweet nothings into her husbands ear <3

 The following morning also happened to be an eventful one when Mitsuko decided to announce at breakfast that they were expecting another baby...

...shall we take a closer look at that face? 

lmao epic <3

Actually Loke couldn't stop thinking about it all week!
& here's little Lars looking gorgeous <3

Mitsuko hadnt been feeling too well so thankfully Auntie Sayuri was on hand to help out whilst Loke was out working. Lars was pretty happy about this as Sayuri tells the best stories ;)

Ohh and some random juicy gossip! 
Sayuri has been spotted watching the stars with the new boy in town, Satoshi!

He looks like trouble to me....

Watch this space :)

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed the latest update hehe
Yote <3


xocaptiveox said...

YOTE!!!! I have missed seeing your posts here. I am not here nearly enough, but when I am, you haven't updated. But yeah!! This family is just too cute. The wedding/pre-wedding pictures are amazing. What a beautiful bride!

Caspin Sim said...

Yay, you're back in simming action! Hope your RL issues are resolved to your satisfaction. Your pictures look amazing by the way. Have fun, Yote!

Yoteamo said...

@ Chelsey, thank you so much lovely *hugs* Yes it's been a while hasnt it lol! I've really missed not being here too and catching up with everyone, actually I have ALOT of catching up to do and your blog looks amazing. I plan to spend this evening there with a nice cuppa tea and a packet of biscuits hehehe I hope all is well with you <3

@ Caspin, hello Pickle!!! I am indeed back in action, and RL is back to normal albeit a little busy at the moment whilst Darcy is on a 7 week school holiday.. what the hell happened to 6 weeks?? LOL Thanks so much for the lovely comments *hugs*

Wibs said...

YAY - the update is finally here! Congrats to the newlyweds - beautiful couple ♥ And little Lars, how precious is he? *heart melts* And now he is going to be a big brother, can't wait to see pics of the new little bundle of joy:) Oh, and it makes me so happy to see that they are living in my house, and lol at the potty in the pantry for Lars;)

Yoteamo said...

Wibs! Yo roomie :D
Ahh yes a big congratulations, was such an emotional day lol. Lars is indeed so precious and totally takes after Loke! I cant wait to see the new bundle either, I shall be playing this save tonight mwahahah
Oh yes, you're house is so perfect for them and I wondered if you'd spot the potty, of course you'd spot the potty! LOL

brunettesimgirl said...

Awesome updat! Can't wait to see more! ♥

Yoteamo said...

hello B!! /tickle
thanks so much and yes I am sure there will be alot more to come. I'm so excited lol

Wibs said...

Gosh, I just had a blond moment! I was about to ask what town they are in - apparently that Grand Canyon-ish scenery stumped me. Is is Hidden Springs? lol

Yoteamo said...

lmao, I just dribbled my coffee... yes Wibs! It's hidden springs, if you go slightly off the map a little and around to the left... hahaha <3

Wibs said...

I thought it was Hidden Springs, yes - since it looks so green and lush! lol

theloveofpixels said...

You're too sweet! I am glad you are back and everything is good with you :)

Anonymous said...

YOTE - Can't wait to get you back, we've all missed you loads <3 You're chapel looks really beautiful, and your family are so cute - congrats to the couple!

--Wibble :)

Yoteamo said...

@ Wibs, lol that really tickled me :D :D

@ Chelsey, thanks again sweet cheeks :)

@ Wibble, YO WIBBLE! Ahh you make me feel adored lol
I've really missed you guys too and cant wait to get aquainted with some of the new members on the team :) Bare with me, my mojo is apparently on its way back & thank you for the lovely comments <3

BeAz said...

Que bom que está de volta.
Adorei esse casal lindo!


Mene said...

Yote! I'm so happy your back and simming again, I've missed your updates :)
The wedding pictures are gorgeous! And congratulations on the new baby :D

Yoteamo said...

@ BeAz! Thank you <3 I also love this couple hehe

@ Mene, you're such a peach *glomp*
I am happy to be back too after all this time :D
I've received such a warm welcome home from all my friends it's delightful. Missed you all like chocolate bars :)
And thanks! Yes the new baby will be in the next update hehe xx

Lukasz Forster said...


T said...

Hello. I just love your chapel. Any possibility you might be willing to share it? Your family is utterly adorable, by the way!

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