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sorry picasa is being poo

I've caught a bug.. a recolours bug!


ok Thanks Pallypoo.. lol
She's hosting another contest.. this time for tights! So of course I made my tights and had to make outfits to go with them. For anyone who is interested.. items are in my studio 


Autum Dew


Junior Autumn Plum


CC Free Daybed Tutorial - For All You Couch Potatoes!


Hello Cats, Kitten, Boys n' Dolls!

This afternoon I bring you Daybeds. 


To make a successful daybed you will need to bring up your cheat box  CTRL+C and then type MoveObjectsOn  
 Thus allowing you to move your objects freely.

I like feedback and would love to hear from you if you manage to make some great beds! I am always in need of inspiration myself.  <3 Yote

A B C or D-Den? anyway its a WIP!

hello cats n kittens, boys n dolls!

This evening, I am giving you a peek at my current WIP. Why? Because I feel like I need to blog!
Bloggaholic? .. Who knows.
Too much wine? ..Probably. 
So, lets rewind to E-den. That was the first 'Modern' I built. Or.. otherwise described by XOX1 as 'Something a very elegant post-apocalyptic action hero would live in.'  I like that. :D 

Anyway, I really enjoyed that build which was totally built from imagination but afterwards lead me on a mission to discover moderns that I like.. as I'm not a fan tbh. AND AND with the new Pets EP in my game, and completing me and my Bf's simself complete with kiddo and imaginary hound, I decided to build us a brand new abode. He likes ultra modern 
I like Vintage. I guess I also like 'contemporary'. Well whatever, I'm having problems with the landscaping. How do you landscape a home like this which occupies the majority of the lot? I've literally added a few random trees and shrubs. 
There is whaddayacallit's on the roof, solar things and I really want to add a little veggie garden somewhere. Advice/tips/thoughts appreciated.
Oh /ramble off

This design is based on a 'container home'. The exterior is corrugated metal and wood.
Here is it.. 

Pets Mania

Ok ok.. I will let you throw rotten eggs at me.. or even tomatoes just dont stone me to death but I've succumbed to the Pets Mania. I mean..it's everywhere! 
Furthermore.. everyone's pets look so damn cute and I really want to virtually resurrect my old dog Jazz who was with me for 15 years. YES I know it's sad, lame, poo and pathetic but I enjoy my pixel life! Especially as I live in an apartment where I'm not allowed a pet, plus it woulnt be fair as I only have a communal garden but now.. now I can have a dog! In my Sims! 
On another note.. I'm so broke (as always) but my boyfriend just bought me it!! I do believe I've bagged one of the most awesome men on the planet *gushes hard*
Then again.. maybe he's buying it for me to give him some peace to play WoW without listening to me cry about what everyone else has got?
Who knows!
Who cares!
I get pets in the morning!

Lukasz Nowak

Morning beauties!

Well.. after finishing the Defoe house and E-den.. then doing the ABC interior thing and now committing myself to the TSS Colour My World Challenge, I decided I needed a break from all that building and interior furnishing
I have spent the past 2 days creating my boyfriend as a sim. I'm SO Happy with how he's turned out.. even he is happy! mwahaha

Cc Free.. 

Skin: LadyFrontbum Male
Poses: Maximum

E-Den Modern

Edit! I freakin WON!!!!  *dance*

Hello sweet sugar dumplin's..

This evening I can officially bring you E-Den the modern I built for Rubysim's Contest. I think there is something insane like 62 entries. (Errr... Good Luck judging that one Ruby my love lol)

With only a few minutes to go literally, I almost pee'd my pants waiting for the final few pictures to upload. It was like being late for a first date... RUN IF YOU WANNA GO FASTER!

It's totally CC Free

My house is butfall lol

I was speaking with my little sister on msn this morning as she's ill and off school. How better to entertain her than with links to my lots? Hopefully it will encourage her to be imaginitive and also very rich.. so she can buy houses like them lol Anyway.. 
  <3 love u loopey

Defoe Place

/hihi Hello Pickles!

Tonight I can officially give you the player tested and long awaited Defoe Place

It's been long overdue.. well its CC Free and the house I built especially for This Household.
Do Enjoy ;)



Regan Best and her Retro Nest!

Find this post HERE

(sorry the TS3 officials is being poo)

Anita Khan

Hello peoples!   

A few days ago I made a sim for the most Eligible Batchelor in Sunset Valley.. unfortunately she didnt win but nevertheless has some style & I figured I'd share with you anyway! The winning place went to the lovely Evie over at Wib's if you want some more ethnic loving by downloading that beauty.

You can download Anita HERE

Autumn Wear

Ok Ok So I've succumbed to the 'recolouring bug' that seems to be spreading around the forums. Does that make me poo? It all started with a little contest over in gifting.. that lead to another little contest over in gifting that has lead me to become a bit of a recolours whore. I think I am missing my CC too.. anyhoo.. I decided that my Sim Carmel needed an Autumnal Wardrobe and thought some of you might be interested in my recolours?

Showcase  HERE!
Outfit Links Below

The Gatlins

Good evening Simmers!

This evening I bring a litte more gore to my blog with some Halloween additions. I am too tired to pretty up the pics so you'll have to make-do with ingame ones totally unedited apart from the cover shots.

Once again, these Halloweeners are Store Free & CC Free. I also think I made them basegame (apart from Emmy's Doll that Moses plays with is from Gen)

Download Household HERE!!
Download Lot HERE!!
More Pics HERE!!

Enjoy <3

Is It me Or..

Is this SO Annoying?! She posted these in the space of 1.5 hours..

 Rly? I'm sure your efforts were appreciated by the OP.. very much so.

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