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CC Free Daybed Tutorial - For All You Couch Potatoes!


Hello Cats, Kitten, Boys n' Dolls!

This afternoon I bring you Daybeds. 


To make a successful daybed you will need to bring up your cheat box  CTRL+C and then type MoveObjectsOn  
 Thus allowing you to move your objects freely.

I like feedback and would love to hear from you if you manage to make some great beds! I am always in need of inspiration myself.  <3 Yote


Tradewind Doxies said...

Thank so much this is awesome...i would have never thought of that.

Yoteamo said...

You are welcome, I'm glad you found it helpful <3

keshialee said...

Oh, your a clever thing aren't you!!

Yoteamo said...

It's amazing, an afternoon child free and my brain cells have time to recuperate lol

SkyelarMarie said...

Wow, what a great tutorial! I have actually been searching for a daybed for so long, but found none that I liked. This is just so awesome, I hope you don't mind--I shared a link to this tutorial on my Tumblr so everyone can check it out.
Thank you for this! :)

Yoteamo said...

Hey Skyelar!
Thank you so much, I'm really pleased you found this useful. I often wonder if things are worth sharing on my blog and in this case it clearly was. Feel free to share as you like!

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