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A B C or D-Den? anyway its a WIP!

hello cats n kittens, boys n dolls!

This evening, I am giving you a peek at my current WIP. Why? Because I feel like I need to blog!
Bloggaholic? .. Who knows.
Too much wine? ..Probably. 
So, lets rewind to E-den. That was the first 'Modern' I built. Or.. otherwise described by XOX1 as 'Something a very elegant post-apocalyptic action hero would live in.'  I like that. :D 

Anyway, I really enjoyed that build which was totally built from imagination but afterwards lead me on a mission to discover moderns that I like.. as I'm not a fan tbh. AND AND with the new Pets EP in my game, and completing me and my Bf's simself complete with kiddo and imaginary hound, I decided to build us a brand new abode. He likes ultra modern 
I like Vintage. I guess I also like 'contemporary'. Well whatever, I'm having problems with the landscaping. How do you landscape a home like this which occupies the majority of the lot? I've literally added a few random trees and shrubs. 
There is whaddayacallit's on the roof, solar things and I really want to add a little veggie garden somewhere. Advice/tips/thoughts appreciated.
Oh /ramble off

This design is based on a 'container home'. The exterior is corrugated metal and wood.
Here is it.. 


keshialee said...

I'm a modern=shomodern kinda girl as well... to.many. square.lines, I'm more of a circle gal anyway ;)

But this looks intriguing :D Landscaping in modern houses for me, brings up images of sparse, neat placed shrubs/exotic grasses that would need little to no care.

I hate landscaping. Probably more so in real life than in the sims... which is why I am going for the over grown el-natural look in my own garden, oh heck I live out of town any way so I'll lie to myself and everybody else that I am going for the 'Little hideaway Cottage' look ;D

Can't wait to see the finished product :)

Yoteamo said...

Ohh I like circles too much softer looking :D

Hmm I'll give it a go thanks for the suggestions. I wanted to do this at the front of the house but realised I didnt give myself much of a front yard.. maybe a rebuilt is in order lol *cry*

Ahh so you have a Little Hideaway Cottage aka Overgrown Cottage? lol that would be me if I had a garden. Fortunately the communal gardens have a pretty good gardener although nothing remotely inspirational!!

keshialee said...

I forgot to ask lovely, did you get your pet shop working?

Yoteamo said...

I did!! I just double clicked the file manually and it installed correctly. Located and placed :D

But! I still cant find those round plates for the walls?

keshialee said...

Decor - Sculptures - then filter by pets and it should be there ;)

And yay! its not that flash (the shop) but I just wanted the cash register... also, if you haven't noticed even though your simmies can't buy pets from there... they can steal them if they feel inclined ;)

Yoteamo said...

oh wow thanks, hmm I'm sure I looked there am opening game to check again!

lol I wanted the cash register too! I hope at some point I'll be able to build a store and what a bit of pet theft if its going to a good home! heheh

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