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Lukasz Nowak

Morning beauties!

Well.. after finishing the Defoe house and E-den.. then doing the ABC interior thing and now committing myself to the TSS Colour My World Challenge, I decided I needed a break from all that building and interior furnishing
I have spent the past 2 days creating my boyfriend as a sim. I'm SO Happy with how he's turned out.. even he is happy! mwahaha

Cc Free.. 

Skin: LadyFrontbum Male
Poses: Maximum


keshialee said...

I made my partner way back when the Sims3 first came out... He was a computer programmer and used to mock me all the time about my sims haha!

So, I started a little thing where I would make his sim self do something extremely funny/silly etc take a screenshot and add a funny little caption and send to his work colleagues (obviously fellow programmers)...

For example... whooing with Judy Bunch ;D His work colleagues found it so amusing that they started up a pin board at the office with all the silly pictures I would send them.

Yoteamo said...

lol! you shouldnt of told me that I'm getting all these ideas.. what a great thing to do. My bf works with some of his best friends in a hotel and I'm sure everyone will love to rib the manager LOL

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