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E-Den Modern

Edit! I freakin WON!!!!  *dance*

Hello sweet sugar dumplin's..

This evening I can officially bring you E-Den the modern I built for Rubysim's Contest. I think there is something insane like 62 entries. (Errr... Good Luck judging that one Ruby my love lol)

With only a few minutes to go literally, I almost pee'd my pants waiting for the final few pictures to upload. It was like being late for a first date... RUN IF YOU WANNA GO FASTER!

It's totally CC Free


keshialee said...

Lovely, as always ;)

Wibs said...

WOO-HOO! Congrats on winning first prize - well deserved, my dear :) (I already rec'd and commented on your thread as well)

Yoteamo said...

OH MY GOSH! how insane. Wibs you were the first to break the news to me as I checked my email before goin on the site lol so thank you. I've just crawled out of bed what a nice afternon this is turning out to be :D

SimEve said...

I love this home. I really love all of the decor and I love the cozy and private feel to it. A definite Recommendation!
Ps. I thought I already joined your blog. Sorry for the delay :)

Yoteamo said...

Hey Eve, thanks for dropping by! No worries, & thank you so much for the compliments. This house drove me nuts!! I was so pleased when it was finished hehe

Aki Ross said...

I love this home, but the link to download is dead. Is it possible to fix the link or add one for mediafire?

Thank you! It truly is beautiful and so deserving of the win.


Yoteamo said...

Hello there Junogirl!

thanks for dropping by and the lovely comment, you've made my day <3

The exchange link seems to be working for me but I think the exchange is generally kaput lol.
I've added a mediafire link.

Enjoy & ty again xx

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