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Mary Jane, 3br 2ba

Hello once again Cats & Kittens, Boys n' Dolls,

This evening (morning now -.-) I bring you what may possibly be one of my last uploads before the new year - Mary Jane!

Mary Jane, a fond reminder of those groovy days past where love, peace and freedom were all that mattered. Mary Jane will provide you will lots of creamy, dreamy comforts and make you feel real goooood.

No I'm not high, this build tis infact for a wee contest. You know me, lover of retro awesomeness just had to join in. I only had 3 days to complete it, so it's not as refined as I would of liked especially the back yard but there are plenty of plants from tomatoes to egg plants :)

CC Free

SF Magazine - My Kidswear Ad!

Hello pumpkins and peaches, 

I feel like I've been neglecting my blog, maybe I have! I've been super busy these past few weeks and especially this week and even more so next week! I promise I'll be back to my usual self after Christmas.
Actually this is the first Christmas I'll be spending away from home and also away from my little angel. I am having very mixed feelings about the whole thing but nevertheless I'm super excited! Hello Poland!

Ok ok anyway, /sentiments off
I found out a couple of days ago that one of the Ad's I made for the SF Magazine Ad Challenge has been chosen! I'm thrilled to bits, never attempted anything like that before on a serious level. It was based on votes and mine came 2nd which I'm more than happy with :D
Plus I received some really great feedback which made my day!

Due to the standards being so awesome in all 3 categories, SF decided to choose 1 from each category to be featured so a great big well done to KateSterling and SmokyTopaz and Cbon7.

Actually I'd like to thank Allium for posting this over at TSS or I'd never of seen it and also thanks to the girls over at TSS for being so encouraging and you can catch that thread here

/Gushing & Bragging Off
lol :)

The Mare's Nest - Monday Morning Nightmare!

edit: Ruthless is now a part of the request team I'm in. She seems pretty nice so up yours once more TMN.

So I get up, take my daughter to school, rush home to catch up on the Simming Community and visit The Mare's Nest as I do every Monday morning. Its far more entertaining than reading the Sunday papers.. so you can imagine my shock and horror to see MY NAME on a thread. 


Burnett-Nowak Sim Update

Hello cats & kittens, guys & girls!

I've been playing with my simself and my boyfriends simself quite a bit lately, anyway.. 
while I was reading my daughters simself to sleep the doorbell rang. I didnt see who it was.
About 5 minutes later I could hear some quite vocal noises and went to investigate.

Low and Behold!

Plagiarist Featured! What in the world

are the Guru's thinking?!

You can read more about it here

He's been added to the list here

Oh and to all you other Creative Thieves out there..

Oh no lol

Ok, it must be that time of the month or something or perhaps I'm just in one of those moods.. 
but this made me laugh so hard I had to share it!

Any of you who are lurking creative will probably have come across a certain Sim creator who likes nothing more than to recycle their sims, advertise their sims as updated (with no visible changes) and will also request that if you rec'd them the first time.. rec again!
Oh please... 

Anyway I came across quite an amusing (but very old) thread called The Evil Club, so I figured I'd check it out ( as I'm super secretly just a little bit evil sometimes.. like tonight I suppose).

Needless to say, I had to check out what sim it was! It has been removed and probably reuploaded last week.

Plagiarism, Creative Thiefs and General Scrub Compilation.

I'm so tired of these people... they seem to be popping up more and more in Creative so, today I'm making a little list of these people as they pop up. Whether I maintain the list is another question. I guess I'm bored..


Uploaded lots from KateSterling, Sarademoor, 3Trees & Originalsim and took credit for the work. There is a whole heap more lots on there that he didnt create too.

This joker even asks that you gift him for his 'hard work' and has no qualms taking credit for work that's not his. He also has quite an impressive friends list.. that I'm no longer on.

Approach with caution, I firmly believe this guy is a serious crackpot.
Right here baby right here..


Let me introduce you to one of the most recent featured members on TS3 officials.
Yes that's right.. bbguilherblabla.. Who! Thought it would be a mighty fine idea to upload a creation made by Petalbot. 
Epic is not the word when EA decided to feature his copy.. 
anyhoo.. he has a few more mighty fine lots. Lets hope its not one of yours! However, in comparison to HIGHTIMES this guy is just another pebble on the beach.

Almshouse Apartments Complete!

Hello peoples!

I'm so pleased I finally got around to finishing this build. Some of you may remember when I started this early in September. My pictures probably dont do this build any justice but it looks brilliant ingame. Probably the most eye pleasing lot I've made.. at least to my eyes anyway lol

This property is a little over 10k Unfurnished, so will make a great starter. However as always I have also furnished this property and I think it's around the 80k mark.

My Thank You WIP For Miss Keshialee

Hello peaches, 

just to let you all know, that I'm not totally slacking on the building front! I know it's been a while however, here is a wee sneaky peek of my current wip. A little thank you for the lovely Miss Keshialee..

My intended purpose for this build it that it is multifunctional, with the option of having just one small apartment, a larger apartment and the ability to extend either of these into the designated free space which we will call apartment B.

Then of course, if you dont want it as an apartment thats fine - you can also use this build successfully as a family home after bashing down a wall or 2 :)

A is a small yet luxurious top floor, fully contained studio apartment with access to communal gardens as well as private balcony.

B is a small unfurnished top floor apartment, intended uses: To extend Apartment A or Ground floor Apartment C into it. There are stairs in this apartment with direct access to apartment C however, if you wish to extend from the  apartment A, you can just delete the stairs and fill with flooring.

C is a compact yet spacious ground floor apartment. Currently it is 1 bedroom with a study which can be turned into a spare room. I have left the stairs in so if you are considering extending into Apartment B above, the access is already there.

I will be posting a topic on how to turn this building into working apartments after you have chosen which one you want to live in.

Interior pics to come..

SF Magazine, Advert Ideas.

Hello there  peaches and creams!

over at SF Magazine, they are holding a little challenge to create a kids winter wear advert.
Well you know me and recolours... lol Its so hard having to make these kinds of descisions and only able to submit one entry per category!  

So I figured you could help me out and give me some feedback?
..I'd share my cookies with you if I could :D

Ad Option 1

Ad Option 2

Ad Option 3

Models are my  Patty Defoe, Leon Best & Eloise Miller

Toy Ad 1

TSS Calender Entries


TSS are as usual hosting some pretty cool challenges the latest of which is to create pics for a Sims Calender! I wasnt going to post my entries on my blog but imageshack doesnt seem to like poor Smoky so I'll upload them here too.

My First & Second Entries

Kids Threads

sorry picasa is being poo

I've caught a bug.. a recolours bug!


ok Thanks Pallypoo.. lol
She's hosting another contest.. this time for tights! So of course I made my tights and had to make outfits to go with them. For anyone who is interested.. items are in my studio 


Autum Dew


Junior Autumn Plum


CC Free Daybed Tutorial - For All You Couch Potatoes!


Hello Cats, Kitten, Boys n' Dolls!

This afternoon I bring you Daybeds. 


To make a successful daybed you will need to bring up your cheat box  CTRL+C and then type MoveObjectsOn  
 Thus allowing you to move your objects freely.

I like feedback and would love to hear from you if you manage to make some great beds! I am always in need of inspiration myself.  <3 Yote

A B C or D-Den? anyway its a WIP!

hello cats n kittens, boys n dolls!

This evening, I am giving you a peek at my current WIP. Why? Because I feel like I need to blog!
Bloggaholic? .. Who knows.
Too much wine? ..Probably. 
So, lets rewind to E-den. That was the first 'Modern' I built. Or.. otherwise described by XOX1 as 'Something a very elegant post-apocalyptic action hero would live in.'  I like that. :D 

Anyway, I really enjoyed that build which was totally built from imagination but afterwards lead me on a mission to discover moderns that I like.. as I'm not a fan tbh. AND AND with the new Pets EP in my game, and completing me and my Bf's simself complete with kiddo and imaginary hound, I decided to build us a brand new abode. He likes ultra modern 
I like Vintage. I guess I also like 'contemporary'. Well whatever, I'm having problems with the landscaping. How do you landscape a home like this which occupies the majority of the lot? I've literally added a few random trees and shrubs. 
There is whaddayacallit's on the roof, solar things and I really want to add a little veggie garden somewhere. Advice/tips/thoughts appreciated.
Oh /ramble off

This design is based on a 'container home'. The exterior is corrugated metal and wood.
Here is it.. 

Pets Mania

Ok ok.. I will let you throw rotten eggs at me.. or even tomatoes just dont stone me to death but I've succumbed to the Pets Mania. I mean..it's everywhere! 
Furthermore.. everyone's pets look so damn cute and I really want to virtually resurrect my old dog Jazz who was with me for 15 years. YES I know it's sad, lame, poo and pathetic but I enjoy my pixel life! Especially as I live in an apartment where I'm not allowed a pet, plus it woulnt be fair as I only have a communal garden but now.. now I can have a dog! In my Sims! 
On another note.. I'm so broke (as always) but my boyfriend just bought me it!! I do believe I've bagged one of the most awesome men on the planet *gushes hard*
Then again.. maybe he's buying it for me to give him some peace to play WoW without listening to me cry about what everyone else has got?
Who knows!
Who cares!
I get pets in the morning!

Lukasz Nowak

Morning beauties!

Well.. after finishing the Defoe house and E-den.. then doing the ABC interior thing and now committing myself to the TSS Colour My World Challenge, I decided I needed a break from all that building and interior furnishing
I have spent the past 2 days creating my boyfriend as a sim. I'm SO Happy with how he's turned out.. even he is happy! mwahaha

Cc Free.. 

Skin: LadyFrontbum Male
Poses: Maximum

E-Den Modern

Edit! I freakin WON!!!!  *dance*

Hello sweet sugar dumplin's..

This evening I can officially bring you E-Den the modern I built for Rubysim's Contest. I think there is something insane like 62 entries. (Errr... Good Luck judging that one Ruby my love lol)

With only a few minutes to go literally, I almost pee'd my pants waiting for the final few pictures to upload. It was like being late for a first date... RUN IF YOU WANNA GO FASTER!

It's totally CC Free

My house is butfall lol

I was speaking with my little sister on msn this morning as she's ill and off school. How better to entertain her than with links to my lots? Hopefully it will encourage her to be imaginitive and also very rich.. so she can buy houses like them lol Anyway.. 
  <3 love u loopey

Defoe Place

/hihi Hello Pickles!

Tonight I can officially give you the player tested and long awaited Defoe Place

It's been long overdue.. well its CC Free and the house I built especially for This Household.
Do Enjoy ;)



Regan Best and her Retro Nest!

Find this post HERE

(sorry the TS3 officials is being poo)

Anita Khan

Hello peoples!   

A few days ago I made a sim for the most Eligible Batchelor in Sunset Valley.. unfortunately she didnt win but nevertheless has some style & I figured I'd share with you anyway! The winning place went to the lovely Evie over at Wib's if you want some more ethnic loving by downloading that beauty.

You can download Anita HERE

Autumn Wear

Ok Ok So I've succumbed to the 'recolouring bug' that seems to be spreading around the forums. Does that make me poo? It all started with a little contest over in gifting.. that lead to another little contest over in gifting that has lead me to become a bit of a recolours whore. I think I am missing my CC too.. anyhoo.. I decided that my Sim Carmel needed an Autumnal Wardrobe and thought some of you might be interested in my recolours?

Showcase  HERE!
Outfit Links Below

The Gatlins

Good evening Simmers!

This evening I bring a litte more gore to my blog with some Halloween additions. I am too tired to pretty up the pics so you'll have to make-do with ingame ones totally unedited apart from the cover shots.

Once again, these Halloweeners are Store Free & CC Free. I also think I made them basegame (apart from Emmy's Doll that Moses plays with is from Gen)

Download Household HERE!!
Download Lot HERE!!
More Pics HERE!!

Enjoy <3

Is It me Or..

Is this SO Annoying?! She posted these in the space of 1.5 hours..

 Rly? I'm sure your efforts were appreciated by the OP.. very much so.

Bloody Mary - A Sim for you CC Free Halloweeners!

So feeling all moody after a lack of sleep I decided to get stuck into the beginning of the Halloween themed Sim's I'm planning on making for you guys.

The first of hopefully a few.. Bloody Mary!
Traits: Hopeless Romantic, Flirty, Loser, Neurotic, Hot-Headed

CC FREE!! Mary was never the most popular girl at school but she'd bagged a date for the prom. She woke up that fateful morning, feeling a little off colour & had a very very bad day. Jilted by her date and kicked off the cheerleading squad - the rest is your imagination. Poor Mary... I hear they let her out sometimes on day release and she never did quite get her colour back.


Kitty's New Hampsters - Wibs & Lucie

So, feeling tired and a brain dead (which is when I usually get my wierd, wacky and wonderful ideas) - I started to play my Defoe Family. Kitty was in the living room, and I was thinking about the topic of Pets in TS3 after a small discussion on Wib's blog. So I decided to go ahead and make some giant hamsters for Wibs.. as she has one called Lucie. They are living in Kitty's living room (house almost finished) but I just couldnt wait to share them with you. 

I bring you.. Wibs & Lucie.


AMG where does the time go

Hello my lovelies, 

no I havent forgotten that I'm a Sims Addict thats supposed to be building, decorating, building, decorating - because that's what I like to do! I just dont know where the time has gone.. I had a party on Friday that left me rather rotten til Sunday. I suppose hogging a bottle of rum to myself was not a good idea although at the time it seemed ingenious to carry the bottle and glass around with me all night. Until I couldnt stand up - literally. Commencing to sit there with one eye open, feeling rather sick and praying everyone would just go so I could hog the toilet.

Also, I've been playing Billy & Kitty. She so damn cute.. and busy working on their little love pad. Then again she's been busy loving in alot of pads - I wonder who the father will be!? *drum roll..* Scandalous.

Plus I decided to get on and make a modern build for Rubysims Contest. I've still got the entire top floor to decorate.. as well as finishing touches downstairs. Modern builds are not my forte.. so it's taking me what seems like a lifetime to get anything done.

Then Will >.< made another request. Basically giving me a shell to design the interior space and fully decorate (cry) It's a gym. Fun times.... would it be rude to say 'hey I really cba'?

All the while I still havent finished my Madlemosstoss Modern Gothic house. To be fair.. it's a huge undertaking and I think I spent so much time on the original 'Eliza June' painted lady version I've kind of run out of steam for it.

Oh and finally, my boyfriend just paid for my xmas trip to Poland to meet his parents! *Huzzah!* As I'm so broke and as he lubs me so much. How we're going to survive almost 2 weeks with no WoW and no TS3 is beyond me. But I'm SO Excited!  Going to another country.. to meet his parents and stay with them over Christmas is kinda like.. serious right?

Oh and they have a laptop.. I can play Yoville. He will just have to watch mwahahaha

Anyway here are some pictures of the current Wips (that WILL be finished!) to keep you updated!

I actually built this as I ran out of lots by Wibs and as they're a bit of a 50's couple, I'm trying to do the whole 50s vibe thingy.. favourite room so far is the kitchen. Its just so 'Kitty Defoe'

And here is a snippet of the Modern. Dont worry - I have gotten rid of those awful shiny couches. They have been replaced with some fabric. Still not finished! Feel free to nit pick at it and tell me what is poo 

Go to ImageShack® to Create your own Slideshow

Kitty and Billy Defoe *Updated*

Sims were showing as 'black ie skinless' in game. Have fixed and reuploaded

CC Free
Download HERE 

Regan Best and her Retro Nest!

            Hello Peoples!
may I present you with a moment of my madness..
Regan Best & her Retro Nest.


Download Regan CC Free HERE
Download Regan with Cc click HERE
You Will also need to download the following package files:
Skin        <---click
 With thanks to Lady Frontbum, Shyne & Aikea

To Download Retro Nest CC FREE click HERE
To Download Retro Nest with CC click HERE
there are also some package files you will need
Granthes OMSP   -important if you want the objects to place correctly

The Rest of the CC should be included as it's just clutter - with many thanks to the following creators:
Camille, Baufive, Pocci, 8-3, Mangosims, Simcredible, Exotic Elements, ATS & Lily of the Valley.

Almshouse Apartment

Ok so I finally got the lights to work and revamped the exterior. So here is the floor plan and comments, ideas are more than welcome!

Almshouse Apartment

Yes! I've become addicted to building >.> and started a new apartment! Problem is, all the lights were working in the apartment, until I changed them. Now the lights are refusing to work HELP!!! lol

Sneaky Peek - 2 Story at the back 1 story at the front! Very clever aye... very time consuming I can tell you and of all the crap things that can go wrong it's the freaking lights not working  /wrist!

Cocomilia Cottage Apartment Complete

GOT FEATURED!!!!!!!!!!!   *wet myself*
Its CC FREE - you can download here HERE
Picture Spam HERE


I'm posting this because... I like it! Not only do I like it but.. I freaking made it!  *Huzzaaaah!*

Skin by Lady Frontbum  Here
Nails by Aikea  Here
Lip Gloss by Lemonleaf Here
Download CC Free Here!

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