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Burnett-Nowak Sim Update

Hello cats & kittens, guys & girls!

I've been playing with my simself and my boyfriends simself quite a bit lately, anyway.. 
while I was reading my daughters simself to sleep the doorbell rang. I didnt see who it was.
About 5 minutes later I could hear some quite vocal noises and went to investigate.

Low and Behold!

What the #%*-!
...Needless to say I was rather upset about the whole thing!
Not entirely sure what predicament was before my eyes... I asked Bloody Mary to leave.
I stopped talking to Lukasz.
He bought me a dog to make it up to me.. 

That is the question..


Wibs said...

Oh, what lovely neighbors you have! Well, at least you got a cute puppy out of it;)

BeAzSims said...

O que é que ele estava a fazer com Bloody Mary? Não entendi. Mas depois veio se desculpar com um cachorrinho lindo. Não sei se vou rir ou bater nele. Heheheh...


Yoteamo said...

lol yes, although it demands alot of attention which is quite annoying.

@ BeAz - lol Well I'm not sure what they were doing either. I think I shall hit him anyway heheh

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