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Plagiarism, Creative Thiefs and General Scrub Compilation.

I'm so tired of these people... they seem to be popping up more and more in Creative so, today I'm making a little list of these people as they pop up. Whether I maintain the list is another question. I guess I'm bored..


Uploaded lots from KateSterling, Sarademoor, 3Trees & Originalsim and took credit for the work. There is a whole heap more lots on there that he didnt create too.

This joker even asks that you gift him for his 'hard work' and has no qualms taking credit for work that's not his. He also has quite an impressive friends list.. that I'm no longer on.

Approach with caution, I firmly believe this guy is a serious crackpot.
Right here baby right here..


Let me introduce you to one of the most recent featured members on TS3 officials.
Yes that's right.. bbguilherblabla.. Who! Thought it would be a mighty fine idea to upload a creation made by Petalbot. 
Epic is not the word when EA decided to feature his copy.. 
anyhoo.. he has a few more mighty fine lots. Lets hope its not one of yours! However, in comparison to HIGHTIMES this guy is just another pebble on the beach.


Wibs said...

LOL - can you believe HIGHTIME commented on my blog post?! He came from the link you posted on 3TREES comment page. Guess he didn't count on Clicky keeping track of his every move. SUCKA!

And I can't believe petalbot's featured copy is still up! What a disgrace, EA!

Yoteamo said...

lmfao that has just made my morning! Clicky is most wonderful and your response made me die laughing. I'm rather astonished he didnt tell you to have a good day LOL

Uhhh EA is failcake, I cant believe it's still up either.

Wibs said...

At first I thought it was someone pretending to be him for a laugh, but it's just too much of a coincidence that they're both from Alabama. So it has to be him. He came back after my reply though, stayed for 8 minutes and left. No comment this time. LOL!

Yoteamo said...

well those caps locks gave it away if nothing else lol! It's so him... he might of been eyeing up your lots to see which one he can upload and claim as his own LOL (I hope not.. )

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