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Oh no lol

Ok, it must be that time of the month or something or perhaps I'm just in one of those moods.. 
but this made me laugh so hard I had to share it!

Any of you who are lurking creative will probably have come across a certain Sim creator who likes nothing more than to recycle their sims, advertise their sims as updated (with no visible changes) and will also request that if you rec'd them the first time.. rec again!
Oh please... 

Anyway I came across quite an amusing (but very old) thread called The Evil Club, so I figured I'd check it out ( as I'm super secretly just a little bit evil sometimes.. like tonight I suppose).

Needless to say, I had to check out what sim it was! It has been removed and probably reuploaded last week.


Wibs said...

LOL! She's advertising a "new" Sim tonight, one that is either the clone or identical twin brother of a Sim she uploaded last week...*roll eyes*

Yoteamo said...

Oh I saw.. as much as it annoys me, I find it quite amusing! Maybe I will join the Evil club lol

Wibs said...

Oh, oh - I forgot to tell you: I saw her commenting on a friends page the other day. Saying something like "for some reason I re-uploaded this sim, could you please rec again", with a link to the sim. WTF? For some reason? What a rec whore.

Yoteamo said...

lmao that's terrible. I am sure there are no visible changes to these sims it really is all about the recs. When she comes up with something original I'll give her a rec, until then.. hell no!

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