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Almshouse Apartments Complete!

Hello peoples!

I'm so pleased I finally got around to finishing this build. Some of you may remember when I started this early in September. My pictures probably dont do this build any justice but it looks brilliant ingame. Probably the most eye pleasing lot I've made.. at least to my eyes anyway lol

This property is a little over 10k Unfurnished, so will make a great starter. However as always I have also furnished this property and I think it's around the 80k mark.


Neddy said...

Oh I LOVE this Yote :) It's so cute, and I absolutely adore the colours inside and out, but I don't have the bayside kitchen *sniffs* I really want that set, and storybook but I can't get them now *sniffs* LOL, seriously, I love it. I feel a bit stupid, but is that a block of several little apartments that you can move different families into? or is it one apartment and the rest of the building is just 'fake', LOL Please forgive me but I have NEVER moved a sim into an apartment! Just didn't bother with it always gave them a house. so that's why I don't know how it works. Great job

Yoteamo said...

Thank you!! I dont want to blow my own trumpet but it does look so so pretty ingame. It's a shame they took away bayside and storybook, I think they were quite popular! If you give me a little list of what EP's SP's/store items you have I can make a version just for you! There is a spare room I can even turn into a fashion room thing for you lol

This build functions as a working apartment so yes, you have a small garden, a downstairs kitchen/living space and bedrooms and bathrooms are located on the top floor. The rest of the property has been laid out but unfurnished and the rooms then hidden with npc doors attached. So you do have neighbours you can even ring their doorbells but you cant go in their rooms as they are hidden.

Mene said...

Beautiful apartments Yote! I love that kitchen and the soft blue thru out the apartment with the wicker accents <3 I can't wait to use this ingame. Finally an apartment building that would look great in all the worlds :D YAY!

Wibs said...

Loves it ♥ The color scheme is lovely and I adore that kitchen :)

Jennifer said...

Looks lovely! Very nicely decorated and CC free, fabulous! ;)

BeAzSims said...

Hi, Yoteamo!

Loved this his apartment, really soft colors like I do, this baby blue blends in perfectly with the brown. Congratulations on your wonderful work!


Yoteamo said...

Aww wow, thank you all for coming to check it out!
It's actually the first time I've tried using blue for an interior scheme i'm so pleased you all like it.
Muchos hugs my peaches xx

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