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Duplex Deux Starter Home

Good evening Simmers!

Well it's almost am here so I wont ramble on.. 
I have made another Duplex Starter but this time - NO STORE & no CC.

I'm a little late in posting this on my blog but I'm sure most of you have seen it one place or another lol.

Duplex Deux
No Store/CC
15k simmos 
No need for a housemate if you dont want one!

Dandy Duplex 2br 2ba

hello again! for the 2nd time today... it's amazing how productive I can be when my little girl isn't here lol. Saying that, I miss her terribly and cant wait for her to come home tomorrow <3

So uhm yeh where was I..? aha yes!
So this apartment I've been working on, off and on for a few weeks has finally come together. I originally built it as a home for my simself and Wibs as we're Roomies & I really wanted to give us an uber cool pad for Lucky Palms. 

I decided to share it with you guys as a starter home...for 18k simos, so you better get yourself a housemate!

Dandy Duplex
Functional Apartment
30 x 30


Hello pickles, 

I made a new sim tonight. I've been very productive since dragging myself out of bed at 3pm this afternoon... hehehe!
Definately making the most of the peace and quiet at the moment oh and by the way... has anyone watched The Killing? Scandinavian crime drama... it's amazing! I watched all 20 ep's in 24 hours hence the sleeping in all day lol.

*cough* err.. anyway...  here he is!

Left heartbroken years ago, Arnel cant seem to settle down, not only in love but in life generally. Will he find the right town for him? Will he ever stop job hopping? More importantly will he ever let someone get close enough to marry? 

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