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Una Casa 2br 1ba starter

Good afternoon my little joyous bag of nuts!

Cashew nuts, pistachio nuts, brazilian nuts, honey roasted nuts, black pepper nuts, chocolate coated nuts...  I'm not sure if it's because I'm feeling truly festive but I've filled up my jar of nuts - and I can't leave them alone!  :D :D

So, last week I got Monte Vista - I really like it! Of course.. the unappealing starter home in the town centre wasn't really saying much. I decided to place an old starter I'd made and revamp it with an italian vibe and also to make it a working apartment. 

So, I present thee with

Una Casa
2br 1ba Ground Floor Apartment
20 x 20

Shame on you AlbertaRose

So this morning, I sit down with a hot chocolate... I'm feeling all mellow when a post was brought to my attention. 

Seriously, if there's one thing that really gets my goat, it's self righteous, egotistical, arrogant, cavalier, contemptuous mo'fo's.

Seasonal Marker Basics

Hey everyone, 

I wrote this down for my lovely friend B, then I figured I'd just share it with everyone. 

Seasonal Markers are not that simple to explain how to use, don't be put off - in reality they are simple if you follow some basic rules.

I HOPE I've explained well enough, without writing 10 paragraphs of crap to mush those brains.

This is very basic, it's what I do and I hope it explains a few things and gives you the confidence to 'have a bash' so to speak ;)

Victorious 4br 2.5 ba

Good evening lovlies,

I hope everyone is well? The weather has turned here in London, it's cold and I've been totally rinsing the heating. Not looking forwards to my winter bills... anyway...

...I've been cracking on with my latest DNA Request by Bee1977, who STILL hasn't replied to any of my messages. Some people...!!! Not that I mind, as usual I've fallen a bit in love with this build and now have my family living in it hehe!

After some serious head scratching - as Victorian's aren't really my thing, I present thee with:

4br  2.5ba
'changes with the seasons'

Akai Akuma - Fusion Lounge

Hello peas and pods!

Omg, it's like... 3am but I had to get this finished! Plus I was having a ball play testing it with mine and Wib's simselves :D :D

Ok, I got the new Japanese set from the store and I loved it. I have most of the japanese stuff and wanted a place to use it as it does nothing but catch dust. I also wanted to create something for my homie Chemicalwibs because seriously... she's just awesome. I have so many of her lots in my game <3 ...and she's my virtual roomie!

So roomie... this is dedicated to you.
I thought Red Devil was appropriate as we're both fiery :P

I'm a bit worried because she's a complete fuss pot with a serious OCD for changing everything she add's to her game. I guess if I see pics of it in her game, I wont recognise it lol.

Here goes...

ps: there are pics of the build and then a few fun ones of me and Wibs play testing :P

CC Free
Akai Akuma
Fusion Lounge
20 x 20

Lots to Give 4br 3.5ba

Hello sweet peas and pods!

I finally managed to finish my latest build request as part of the DNA Team on the officials - it took a while longer than expected as it kinda fell into my daughters school half term. We've been pretty manic and just max chillaxed today :D

The request, was to make a house like the one from the film 'Something's Gotta Give' but for Sunlit palms and to think upscale beachy, Hamptons style.. hmm well here it is... I hope I pulled it off ok.

ps - the kitchen is probably my most favourite kitchen I've made yet!

Lots to Give
40 x 40


Oh me oh my... 
                        ...I've been on a bit of a roll this week! I think I've been starved from my much loved simmies for too long and this is my official first week free in a while lol.

Anyway, today I'd like to share with you a simmie called Chloe. She's kinda cool - well at least I think so! :D :D :D


Hello peaches!

So today I've had a really productive Sunday jammin' in front of the PC - making some eye candy!

I finally finished my course so I'm really happy about that, and will have a bit more free time to get back to my usual simming antics. 

Anyway, I won't ramble on too much and present you with Kye King!


Good morning sweet peas and pods, 

yes I'm still slacking! But but... oh my brain really needed a well deserved break :D :D
(any excuse to sim!) 

I'd been working for a while on a simself of my daughter - as a grown up and so far so good, all the family members I've sent it to (lol!) have given her a thumbs up - including little Miss Darcy herself! 

She's rather precious and I was tempted not to share but because I'm feeling generous, 
here she is :)

Falls Touch, 3br 3ba

hello sweet peas & puddin's ;)

I finally managed to finish the interior/exterior reno I started last week. It was originally for a competition - for which the amazing Chemicalwibs won! ..but I didnt get around to finishing it in time. Anyway, waste not want not! Here it is :)

30 x 20
CC free but contains CAP patterns.
Play Tested!
Lots of Piccies in no particular order!

Single Dad

ello ello ello ello.....!

Once again.. it's been a while! I feel like such a slacker BUT not without good reason. I'm studying at the moment and I tell you, my brain is just not able to load and save information like it used to. I dont know whether it's motherhood or age but man - I am dusting off cobwebs from my brain on a daily basis. 
I should be back to regular simmage soon - I have another week of my course and then an exam after which I'm free to nerd for a while :D :D Cannot wait I tell theeeeeee.... *jazz hands*

Anyway, I decided to take a well deserved break today and share with you a household I started last week. (lol... yes it's taken a week wtf).

I really like the father - Theis. He's probably the best male sim I've conjured up albeit he was originally a girl but I preferred him as a guy lol.

Well here they are... meet the Nilson's! 
Single dad Theis & his son Mattis

Duplex Deux Starter Home

Good evening Simmers!

Well it's almost am here so I wont ramble on.. 
I have made another Duplex Starter but this time - NO STORE & no CC.

I'm a little late in posting this on my blog but I'm sure most of you have seen it one place or another lol.

Duplex Deux
No Store/CC
15k simmos 
No need for a housemate if you dont want one!

Dandy Duplex 2br 2ba

hello again! for the 2nd time today... it's amazing how productive I can be when my little girl isn't here lol. Saying that, I miss her terribly and cant wait for her to come home tomorrow <3

So uhm yeh where was I..? aha yes!
So this apartment I've been working on, off and on for a few weeks has finally come together. I originally built it as a home for my simself and Wibs as we're Roomies & I really wanted to give us an uber cool pad for Lucky Palms. 

I decided to share it with you guys as a starter home...for 18k simos, so you better get yourself a housemate!

Dandy Duplex
Functional Apartment
30 x 30


Hello pickles, 

I made a new sim tonight. I've been very productive since dragging myself out of bed at 3pm this afternoon... hehehe!
Definately making the most of the peace and quiet at the moment oh and by the way... has anyone watched The Killing? Scandinavian crime drama... it's amazing! I watched all 20 ep's in 24 hours hence the sleeping in all day lol.

*cough* err.. anyway...  here he is!

Left heartbroken years ago, Arnel cant seem to settle down, not only in love but in life generally. Will he find the right town for him? Will he ever stop job hopping? More importantly will he ever let someone get close enough to marry? 

Iwate-Aioki Game Update :)

Hello little peanuts, 

so whilst my daughter is enjoying some time by the sea side with the other half of her family, I'm enjoying some time infront of the pc with some of my favourite simmies.

I have a little game update for you with... the Iwate-Aioki's!
I've been meaing to post it for a couple of weeks but yeh.. the summer holidays are proving rather busy.

For those of you who remember the last update, you will  recall Loke & Mitsuko got hitched & Loke was left in a state of shock after finding out Mitsuko was expecting baby number 2. So lets see what happened :)

August House 3br 3ba

Hello peanuts!

My building block is still here... it's really crap as my mojo has returned! Well, part of it I suppose as I can decorate but that's about it right now. Boo hoo.. 

Anyway, I thought I'd put what little mojo I have left to good use and share some builds that I'd been meaning to share for a few months and just not gotten around to doing!

The first, is a build I've named August House - I know! Where on earth did I get such an intriguing name! lol
I actually built this place back in December 2011, decorated most of it and had my legacy live in it part furnished whilst I cracked on with other projects. So here it is, August House. I hope you enjoy :)

August House
3br 3ba
30 x 30
No CC  

Lucky Palms Fire Station

Good morning pickles & lillies!

Last night my mojo decided to pay me a flying visit & I ended up making a Fire Station for Lucky Palms. 
Loke you see.. is a Firefighter Superhero  *licks lips* - and my little Community Fire House didnt seem to fit into Lucky Palms very well so yeh... 

I placed it on a 30x30 lot next to the Police Station.


Zomg! A new post already... and with a creation!? Yes, I didnt quite expect it to happen so soon myself either.... I guess inspiration came to me last night after checking out the Plus Sized Sim Contest Wibs had entered! 

It's so true, not enough chubsters on the exchange and I have quite a fondness curves as I am rather voluptuous myself! :D :D
I cant help it...cookie Jar said YES! & calls my name quite frequently... 

Let me introduce a sim who shares my fondness of food..
..Kimmie :D

Returning to Sims & huge game update!!

Hello cats & kittens, guys & dolls, 

I had taken a break to simming due to some irl issues and what not but anhoo... I'm back and getting back into the swing of things so hopefully I'll be sharing some new creations with you relatively soon :D
I started playing again a couple of weeks ago and I am hoping my creative mojo will find it's way back to me pretty damn soon... so while I wait for it to turn up and bite me on the ass I'm just gonna kick back and enjoy the game.

First off, let me show you how things are developing in the Iwate/Aoki household <3

Caliruse House

Ooo Ooo Aaaah Aaaah
Hello cheeky little monkeys!

I've been kind of MIA for a little over a week - we can thank the stomach bug that absolutely
destroyed me and is now devouring my little lady.
 I hope you're all doing just peachy <3

I've finally managed to finish off my latest DNA request, so here it is!

Caliruse House
5br 3ba
EP & SP content only. No Store, No CC! 
(meh, 2 store items. Free Tv and Lights)
Custard Approved & Play Tested 

Stonewood Stable House

Good evening peaches!

Well...I finally found my mojo, it was hiding somewhere amongst a number of game errors, crashes and general annoyances. 

I'm too tired to ramble on today, as much as I'd love to so I'm just going to get it over with and present to you the basics and TONS of pics:

Stonewood Stable House
2br 2.5ba, 2 Stables
60 x 60
No CC 


Hello little Easter Bunnies and Bunettes, 

I hope you've all have a lovely, long weekend filled with chocolate aplenty!

It's been a little quiet around here lately, well my daughter is on holidays from school so we've been busy bee's and I've also been feeling a wee bit uninspired.
To cut a long story short, I am doing a Build request that is proving to be a complete nightmare since I used the 'Ford Remote' that comes with the new car set. I am 99% sure that it bugged out the lights in the daylight basement, either that or the dreaded lighting glitch from Late Night decided to drop by and pay me a visit. 
Ahh well, I dunno but you know when you spend so long trying to fix something, then you fix it, then it glitches again and you fix it again..and have to change/rebuild part of the house to make it work - you kind of loose passion for the creation. Thats kind of where I'm at right now -.- 

On a happy note, I am absolutely in love with the new Indian Inspired Store Set! I was SO thrilled when one of my teamies sent it to me as a gift that I decided to create this sim for her, well not only her but also the rest of my teamies who are helping me sponsor a competition thats coming soon so...watch this space! <3

Well enough of my usual ramblings, here she is!



Good afternoon cats, kittens, boys & dolls!

I am just loving up the sunshine here in London and I'm feeling all Springy. Tomorrow I'm catching up with my lovely, most favourite cousin ever which reminded me that I need to upload her simself. 
She's been in the Bin for ages, I used her to model some recolours but that was about it then I got Showtime....
YES go on! Throw Eggs at me, I know I said I wouldnt but my lovely boyfriend got it (excuses excuses).

Anyway enough random ramblings, here she is :)
Cc free version added too.

Semi Delight 3br 2ba

Hello my lovelies!

I'm baaaaack from my travels to Wroclaw and can finally give you guys the latest request house I made.
This build caused me some serious headaches after finally learning the hard way why not to save a build with cheats on... so here it is!

A Time To Reflect...

Hello my nearest and dearests, 

I am feeling quite sad & irritated this morning...
Going through my blog list, I just read a post made by quite a popular creator for TS3. I wont post a link because I dont want to intice a flame war by others, who may be left feeling rather angry or simply, quite sad like myself.

Molly Malone - A Sim For St. Paddy!

Hello lovelies,

Everyone on the officials is kinda MIA through either 'My Page Protests' or playing ingame and spamming walls which I fondly refer to as 'The Badge Hunters'. 
Oh ho ho ho you know who you are  *looks at pink cheeks*

...but thats ok because - if you cant beat 'em Join 'em!
Although I have yet to earn a badge and the ingame messaging is quite novel although ole' SF (no not the mag...) is taking the proverbial piss with the randomness. 

Anyway, those who are still around on the officials are getting a head start on the St. Patricks Day celebrations. Of course I had to join in.. I'm half Irish and I have some seriously fond memories of celebrations with my family. 

One of my favourite (and well known) characters is a lady called Molly Malone & my Nanna used to sing me 'Cockles & Mussles'. Wait hold on.. she still does after a wee tipple! hehe
So reflecting on this..I decided to create a Molly Malone to share with all of you folks who celebrate the occassion in one way or another. 


Update: Added a CC Free Version to Studio for you CC Free Junkies! (scroll dooooown)


The sun is shining and after a good nights sleep & much deliberation, I decided to stop being silly and share one of my favourite simmies with you! Treat her well <3
(I'll try to get a CC free version up to the exchange later)

This is for EA & The New MY page

Showtime this and your social features f**kerzzzz!

February's Leap Finally Finished!

Cats n' Kittens! Boys n' Dolls!

Tonight, I can finally give you... 

Introducing the Iwate's and the new edition

It's been a pretty hectic time in my game lately. First of all I decided to move my sims to a sunny new world, just because I felt like it was time for some sun, sea and sand.
I then decided to resurrect my very first sim from the bin and give her a make-over and a sister. 
I'd been really excited about playing these girls, especially because Sayuri was the very first sim I had the balls to showcase in creative corner. As you can see, she's changed quite a bit although I only changed her head shape a tiny bit but her mouth is the most obvious change. 

New WIP - a request

Hello once more my little cats and kittens!

I thought it was time to put my Clog ponderings asides for just one moment and start thinking more about my current WIP.

As some of you may or may not know, I recently joined DNA Request Team on the officials and currently I'm working on a build for a 'client'. haha

Its on a 40 x 40 lot, much larger than my normal comfort zone but nevertheless I think it's coming along ok. Apart from the landscaping which I've decided to tackle at the end. 

Clog Moment!

Hello beloved's,

I'm having a bit of a clog moment. Anyone who knows me, will be aware of my fondness for a brand called Swedish Hasbeens which are stupidly priced yet adorable, reproduction, vintage clogs from the 70's that are likely to disintergrate on your feet as they are totally natural and therefore dont often come out of their box...  I have these ones in cream <3 (They are £200 by the way... of course I got mine in the sale!)

Anyway much to my delight, my mum arrived today to collect my little sisters and had bought me a small Valentines Gift. A pair of clogs! Huzzah! Nothing fancy, nor expensive, just some clogs to chill in around the house, to the shop.. whatever. Anyway they are Sanita Danish Clogs and I was SO impressed with the comfort (compared to my Hasbeens which I'm still breaking in..), the leather and how well made they were (yet again, compared to my Hasbeens) so I had to google them.

Well, Hasbeens you might be cool but you're not bloody comfortable and I shall now invest my pennies in Sanita cheap ass, awesome cloggyness! I mean, look at these look at these!
How much are they?  £35.... yes that's right £35!!  (edit I just found them in the sale for £16.. LOL ofc I bought them)

Contempo House

Good morning peaches!

As some of you may or may not be aware, I recently joined the D.N.A. Request Team over on the officials. After much publicity from Sims3 facebook and twitter they needed to recruit a few more people so I offered my services!

Anyway, here is the first request house I've made - it only requires expansion packs and only needs Pets if you want the dog house in the Garden lol

Lot Size 20x30

Indigo Prime - Just a peek!

Morning dolls, jestem zmeczona. Or, as we say in England - I'm tired. :D

I've been working on the interior of a build I'm currently indulging myself in. Well.. it's for a competition and I decided to build a modern. Of course, me being me I've moved slightly away from the beaten track and am now wondering down a muddy path on route to Yoteamo's box of odds and sods.

So what started off as a modern interior has now become modern, with an eccletic twist of madness perhaps. Anyway here is a peek.. feedback is very much appreciated as I'm wondering if I have perhaps lost my mind... CC Free btw ;)

That's all for now but, I shall be back <3

Sanford Bay Epic Update & Save File

Warning: Epic Update

Zomg Cats n' Kittens isnt it cold?!

Perfect weather to crank up the heating and the perfect excuse to add a drop more whiskey to my coffee! Some extra cream on top me thinks, although the hips scream no!

Blaaa enough of my randomness, here is one uber duber update for you Sanford Bay Fans.
Finally I've got my backside in gear and finished off the Library/Cafe which was one of the original buildings in the town. I've also added a few more lots, a hangout, a salon... the only thing that is missing is a gym and a nightclub! Who needs a gym when you can add the equipment to you home or the park ;)

Anyway - bad pic but this is so you can see the current layout which has changed considerably since my first Sanford Bay update.

I am sharing my save file so keep reading and please pay close attention!

Goodness Gracious Me Sid13..

Good evening my little Simbo's, 

tonight I had the joy of accepting a FR from what I deemed to be a rather nice, normal person by the name of Wings7 so! I accept, hop over to their page to say thanks and what not.. only to see this!

Master Suite - Fancy Fun!

oi oi Saveloy's!

so today I felt rotten (sore throat etc) and slept most of the day only to wake up tonight full of beans!
There was only one thing for it... to start my Master Suite exploration.

I took 3 of my willing ladies  - I say willing but really they had no option and decided to give them a 'Sleepwear Make Over'

So lets take a look shall we & meet the girls!

Home Start - Shared Equity Development

Goooood Morning Simmmerrrs!

well, it's 1:30am so almost bed time for me but I just had to share this with you quickly.
I am still working on Sanford Bay and decided to turn the extra road on the extended version into a, I guess you could call it 'housing development'. You know because the new school there is so awesome and has attracted more families bla bla bla.. hehehe

So here is the first of a few, I present you:

Home Start
Shared Equity Development

New 'My Page' Layout - Sign Now!

Hello guys n' dolls.

As always, EA are doing something to irritate the life out of me (que twitching eyebrow)...
..their latest stunt is probably the icing on the cake, at least til next week when the Head of PR comes up with another (fucking stupid) ingenious idea to piss off the paying customers.

Community Fire House

Whilst I was dreaming about burning not one but two complete twats, I found myself getting stuck into A Fire Station for Sanford Bay which was rather apt.

So here is it my pickles and lillies, 
Community Fire House
Lot Size: 20x20
Fun Factor: 7/10
Trampoline, gym equipment, Tv, Games Console, Slot Machines, Books and spawners!

And if you like this ^ you might like THIS which was somewhat overshadowed by my rant.

Some People...

Unity Chapel - Sanford Bay Update

Hello little squirrels, 

I hope you are all ok and were lucky enough to have missed the shenanigans over at the forums yesterday/today. I for one, was not so lucky and got a right eyefull of some rather disturbing images..
left feeling rather disgusted and unholy,  felt it only apt to get busy in the Bay and crack on with a Chapel. So on that note, I bring to you

Unity Chapel & Burial Ground
Lot Size: 20x20
(NB: I added burial ground as I was taking fiendish delight imagining burying a certain troll..)

Unity Chapel was one of the first buildings to grace Sanford Bay. Built by many hands of many men, it brought the townsfolk together. Hosting weddings, burials and mother's meetings for many generations, Unity Chapel has remained a fundamental and invaluable place within the community. More recently, archeologist Ivan Van Horst discovered a a crypt beneath the chapel which is now open to the public and attracts visitors from many of the surrounding towns. 

St James Place - Starter Home

Good evening/morning Sweet Peas & Pods!

This evening I bring you.. no not another update to Sanford Bay (yet), but my entry to Rubysims Contest Here. It's to create a little 10x10 starter for her latest simmie Gemma.
This is probably the nicest starter home I've made so far!

Sanford Bay Update With 7 Lots to Download & Extended World Download

Hello pickles and lillies, 

this morning I bring you the first update on Sanford Bay. I'm so tired so please forgive any mistakes in spelling etc, I've had like 4 hours sleep as I'm on a mission to get this town ready for my simmies! I dont think I've been so passionate about something Sim Related in a loooong time. 

I've uploaded all of the Rabbit Holes for the Town Centre. Alot are from Pets as they are combined. Missing lots are Library, Salon, Gym and Church with Graveyard.
(I will be building those at some point or you can add your own)

The Extended Version looks like this
 CC Windows & Doors were removed with Custard before I uploaded the World File

NB Both Worlds Fully Created by Jordan @ Poppy Sims!!

Download My Rabbit Holes Here

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