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New 'My Page' Layout - Sign Now!

Hello guys n' dolls.

As always, EA are doing something to irritate the life out of me (que twitching eyebrow)...
..their latest stunt is probably the icing on the cake, at least til next week when the Head of PR comes up with another (fucking stupid) ingenious idea to piss off the paying customers.

So here it is folks, The My Page  Layout For or Against thread - for those who want to throw in their 2 cents.

Ok, I just googled FU EA and wow.. WOW.. no wonder they dont listen to our polite, mild mannered, requests, suggestions and threads. 
It seems that boys take their toys much more seriously and seemingly rather vocally when it comes down to BF3 and what not.
Google it yourself for the lolz..

I did manage to find something that tickled me no end however
'Last year it was Activision who were the king of tossers. ....That was until, an unforeseen quiet period from Activision led to a failed defence against an angry ex champion – EA. Who have pulled out pretty much all the stops to show the world that they deserve the belt, wiping their sweaty testicles over a consumers face and then telling them it was their fault their forehead now smells of ballsack.

Congratulations EA, you’re Heavyweight Assholes of the World. Hit the jump for (in no particular order) some of EA’s “Finest” moments this year.'

From This Post  over at RobotGeek

OH and if you're feeling positively pissed off at the fact EA are resorting to Bribery, in order to win some votes for the upcoming Shorty Award, why dont you email them and tell them that EA are breaking some serious rules. I DID!


BluebellFlora said...

Ha ha love the sweaty ball sack comment!

Yoteamo said...

lol yeh it really put a smile on my face! Infact I was grinning from ear to ear, sums it up perfectly ;)

Amanda said...

I busted out laughing reading that Quote! :D

Yes EA has turned into a Douchbag company!
I miss Maxis..they listened to their customers unlike Enormous Assholes!

I and bout 99.9% of the people who sim don't want their sims page turn into facebook! I don't even have a facebook account cause of how nosy the government,FBI etc. can be!
I don't want my simming to be social..it's nobody's business if johnny is wiping his ass or eating a pb&j and I know there are others who agree with me!

I for one am going over there and signing that petition! :)

Yoteamo said...

lol yeh that quote is pretty epic :D

Tbh, Sims is the first experience I've ever really had with EA and if it wasnt for the fact I love the game so much, I'd probably boycott all of their products. I never thought I'd say 'I miss you Blizzard' but I do.. at least they have the balls to tell their customers exactly what the deal is, what problem they are working on, what we think of new idea etc etc.. EA is just a big, bloody, piss take grrrr

Sign away my friend, sign away <3 <3

Wibs said...

LOL! That list is awesome:) Love how even over here in little ol' Norway EA plays dirty. Tsk, tsk.

And about the new My Page layout. I deleted my FB account a year ago, so thank you EA for forcing it upon me again. No really. THANK YOU! Oh wait, did I say thank you? Obviously I meant FUCK YOU EA! Yeah, that sounds more right.

Mene said...

That whole website is going to hell in a handbasket. First the changes to the homepage and the way they treat features (I will never get over that) Then the sesert thing dragging on and on, that should have been dealt with ages ago. And now this... They are sapping all the personality and creativity out of the website.
But I have to say I find it very amusing how EA thinks spamming our friends comment walls with stupid sim memories is "socializing"
*bangs head on desk*

Yoteamo said...

@ Wibs, lol that list is rather epic isnt it! I thought you'd like it :D

I do have a facebook as I dont get out as much as I probably should lol but I dont want Sims spammed all over my wall. My friends arent interested in what the hell I'm doing in a game. If anything they'll remove me for being annoying with random shit updates.

@ Mene, I wholeheartedly agree. I've only been simming for a year and already I can see the game going to pot. EA have complete disregard for their customers .

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