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A New Year & A New World!

First of all,  

I'd like to wish all of you sweet pickles a very Happy New Year! It's been a while hasnt it.. 
I dont know about you but the run up to Christmas, during Christmas and right up until the past week has been manic. 

You may or may not have read before but I was all psyched to be going to Poland to meet my boyfriends parents - it was awesome. I dont think I've ever smoked so much, walked so much and drank so much beer in my life. My Polish has also improved.. slightly. I am now officially on Stage 1 of writing lol
Instead of writing Polish words in phonics which look like 'Jin ku yeh' I am now able to write them like 'Dzienkuje' which is almost correct. 

Anyway back to sims, a year on and I was still looking for my 'perfect town'. I tried so many, searching for a place to call home and then I saw!

Ohhh yeeeeeh, now that's my kinda Town! It's small, cosy, adorable little houses and for me.. full of character. I just had to grab it.

First Impressions:
'Oh Woowiiiieeee! *happy dance*
I then went on to inspect all the little homes, deliberating on where to put my family and what not. The houses really are cute..

There are not many rabbit holes in this world and due to the small size of the lots I knew it was going to be a little bit of a nightmare placing the neccessary buildings however, Jordan the creator sent me a slightly expanded version with bit of extra land a few more lots to make life easier much to my joy!
(I'll ask him to host the extended version on mediafire or something if you guys want to try it?)

Anyway, after gathering myself long enough to stop gushing over just how cute this town is, it was time to start planning the placements of much needed rabbit holes. 

And this my friends.. is where my Sanford Bay Updates will start.

Some things you should know.
1) The town is unpopulated
I Shall be posting and uploading the families I make for the town

2) There is no Town Hall, School, Firestation, Policestation, Military Base, Science Lab, Hospital or Stadium
I shall be posting and uploading these lots and also tell you where they are placed in my game. It will pain me to remove some of the builds to accommodate these but it will have to be done.

3) The houses are part furnished, you will need to put beds in them. Wonderful for someone who loves doing interiors like me!

4) The world is not perfect but it's full of character. A great size, it wont take 2 hours to go to a party or an hour to get to the beach. Friends and family will be close by.
My only grumble is that perhaps there could have been a few more larger lot sizes for some key rabbit holes but on the flip side of that grumble... it's actually really nice to have to 'think' about how I can add those and what I need to swap around.


Wibs said...

I downloaded this as well, because of the size (you know how I love small worlds) and the look of it. I agree, it's beautiful. However, the lack of rabbit holes was quite disappointing. I started to add my own, but I wasn't really in the mood for it. So I uninstalled it for now. Can't wait to see what you do with it though:)

Yoteamo said...

Oh My goodness Wibs you're alive!!!! I hadnt heard back from you and was having a slight panic attack lol
I'm really having a lot of fun with this but I do have the extended version. I am using some Pets rabbit holes but I am sure I can use some other ones in place, will keep you updated and if you want it can send you my save and extended version

Wibs said...

Not to worry - still alive & kicking! lol. I'm off to bed now, but I will email you tomorrow:)

I have noticed that you can download worlds with Pets rabbit holes even if you don't have Pets, you just have to replace them with rabbit holes you do have:) It's when you don't have WA downloading worlds can be a problem as WA came with bridges etc, and a lot of creators use them.

Yoteamo said...

lol thats brilliant news! I was like Oh Woe Where is Wibs?!

Thats great news about the rabbit holes I'll crack on <3

Mene said...

Happy New Year to you too!
That is a lovely little world. I like the little ones too, the big ones take forever to get anywhere.
Looking forward to the updates and what you do with it ^.^

Yoteamo said...

Hey Mene :glomp:
Isnt it so cute, I actually became a bit obsessed with it and the time is 6am.. and I have slept for 4 hours lol

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