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Some People...

quote sereia8

My whole point was that this could have been soooooo much worse.  Think about graphic and then 10x beyond and that is what could have been spamming the boards.  Soft core p/orn was what I saw of women with male *********.  Big deal, IMO.
Taken from This Thread

In response (because I just had to say something & I couldnt on the thread because I would want to argue with this bitch on a serious level til daybreak)  

you luv, need your head checking.

When I sit at the pc with my daughter, to see whats happening and open a thread only to see those kind of hardcore images and she says 'mummy what's that?' - what do you think I should say? 'oh dont worry darling just some he-she with it's glory on display. Its perfectly fine. You and me have that part, Daddy has that part and the he -she has both and likes to show everyone just how special they are'.

I dont think so. How much worse could it have been unless your idea of hardcore involves animals and dead bodies. Which isnt actually hardcore but infact illegal, at least where I am from.

You've made comparisons to letting your kids seeing you walking around nekkid, so do you also let them see you sitting on the couch legs akimbo, with a thumb up your arse? As a regular everyday occurance?  No I didnt think so.. or at least I hope not.


brunettesimgirl said...

Ugh I saw that. She seems to think that because it's considered "softcore porn" we all shouldn't be that upset. I don't care if it's softcore porn or harcore porn, I don't need my child (child! not teen or YA child) seeing this on a site I deem innocent.

Then her whole, "Well I have two boys (5 and 6 years old) and they see me nude because I have to shower and they won't leave me alone long enough to do it...blah blah blah"...I don't think little boys that young, yet old enough to know, should be seeing their mother nude...for whatever reason! Hello, distract them with a video or something while you shower. My daughter is 2 years old and is very attached physically to me, but I can take a shower without her seeing me getting in or out of the shower nude by distracting her with a video.

What she thinks is okay for her young (young!) children to see, and not see, is her decision, but damn-it, how dare she tell the rest of us what we should, or should not, want our kids to be exposed to. Shame on her, not the rest of us for wanting to keep innocent children...innocent. They are only young once, and eventually they will see this stuff when they are old enough (whether they want to or not--they will be exposed to it some point in their lives), but for now...she should be protecting her children's innocence by shielding them from seeing such stuff.

Amanda said...

I agree with you 100%

What a sick minded witch...I just got finished reading most of that thread and...ew...my stepdaughters are all grown and out of the house but if they were younger I would not want them seeing anything like that,those nude images, and for her to be talking like that attacking people cause they have a lick of common sense and don't want their children to be seeing any type of porn (even the teenagers on there were grossed out) doesn't matter wether it's soft porn or hard porn....porn is porn she's got a lousy nerve also EA needs to watch out for those type of freaks who want to dirty up a site with nude pics that is kid friendly!

If someone like that was around me talking to me like that especially calling me a stupid American like she did with that person on there...excuse my manners please Dear LORD and everybody else(I'd probably get banned if I said this on there) but I would rip her a new a**hole...I would rip her head off and sh** down her throat...I wouldn't take crap like that especially from some sick minded pervert like herself!

And that sick pervert who is posting nude pics on there,EA needs to find out where this guy is and ban him forever....and heck take him to court!

I pretty much missed what happened on there cause I don't go to Sims 3 forum much but from what I read...that is so wrong!

Yoteamo said...

Amen ladies, Amen!
Maybe I'm getting old and still stuck in the 80's but I thought softcore was a few titties on display and some cheesy music. Seriously, if those images were softore to her, I dont want to imagine her bedroom antics.
It's one of those threads I just had to vent about, but not on there because I would get banned and I dont have anymore game codes lol

What EA are playing at, God knows. This guy should have been caught by now? I think we all have gathered enough information to prove that the officials aren't moderated well enough - or a lack of moderators. Some of these images were on display for over 24 hours!!! It's Outrageous!

Amanda you were lucky to not have seen these images first hand, I almost choked on my coffee, although they also make quite a regualr appearance on their facebook too!

Wibs said...

I thought my head was gonna explode while reading that thread. And as for sereia8, she completely missed the point. It doesn't matter if she (or anyone else for that matter) doesn't find those images offending, they don't belong on the Sims 3 site where there are lot of minors. And like several others tried to point out, it's not just about those images, it's about how he has harrassed the community for almost a year now.

The low point for me was when she said "stupid Americans" or something like that in Arabic. Real mature. Next time I disagree with someone, I'll just start calling them names in Norwegian.

Mene said...

What she was saying was complete nonsense, and had nothing to do with the topic. I don't care what happens in the privacy of her own home (way too much information was given btw *shudders* ) Those pictures do not belong an a family friendly site. And anyone with an ounce of common sense can see that.

Yoteamo said...

Here Here girls! I havent actually been back to the thread since last night fearing I might actually loose some sleep through sheer anger at this womans complete moral disregard. I can only hope she gets a necrotic wound in her brain, which might eat some sense into her.

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