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Sanford Bay Update With 7 Lots to Download & Extended World Download

Hello pickles and lillies, 

this morning I bring you the first update on Sanford Bay. I'm so tired so please forgive any mistakes in spelling etc, I've had like 4 hours sleep as I'm on a mission to get this town ready for my simmies! I dont think I've been so passionate about something Sim Related in a loooong time. 

I've uploaded all of the Rabbit Holes for the Town Centre. Alot are from Pets as they are combined. Missing lots are Library, Salon, Gym and Church with Graveyard.
(I will be building those at some point or you can add your own)

The Extended Version looks like this
 CC Windows & Doors were removed with Custard before I uploaded the World File

NB Both Worlds Fully Created by Jordan @ Poppy Sims!!

Download My Rabbit Holes Here

So here we go...An overview of the New Town Centre & a Few pics
NB: The Town Hall also serves as Military & Police

Aspen Comprehensive School replaces the Health Club

Aspen Comprehensive is a recent addition to Sanford Bay. The modern architechture, designed by Ludwig Spiez, is in stark contrast to this quaint town - namely the much loved Civic Centre and was finally built in 2010 after much protest. Accommodating for children aged between 6 and 16 as well as offering a Sixth Form for those wishing to graduate with further qualifications the school has attracted many new families to the town boosting economy and the need for more affordable housing.

Sanford Civic Centre replaces the Baptist Church

Sanford Civic Centre houses both Military and Police Operations as well as the local Council. Until 2010, Sanford Civic Centre was arguably the most prominent building in the Town Centre until the arrival of Aspen Comprehensive although many townsfolk argue that nothing will overshadow the beautiful architechture of the Centre which was designed by Edgar Lovett in 1820.

Jordan Plaza Replaces The Salon

Fondly named after Bay founder Jordan, the Plaza features a Bookstore, Spa Parlour and Green Grocers. 

Moxo Tower Replaces Original Green Grocers/Bookstore

Moxo Tower was the first modern building to make an appearance in the Bay back in 1992. Offering plenty of opportunities during the recession, the Tower was received with open arms housing a restaurant, business sector and is also the home of the local Gazette.

Sanford Theatre  (fail...I called it STanford)
NB. The Sunflower House Will Need To Be Moved To Another 15 x 10 Lot As Shown On Overview

it's a Theatre! 

Sanford Cats Stadium Replaces The Cemetary

Built as a joint venture between local Council & Sports investors Cola Cats. At their peak, the Bay's Soccer Team was unstoppable & worth investing in until Coach Jolina died in a Meteor Crash resulting in the team crashing to the bottom of the league where they remain. Cola Cats pulled out & with lack of funds the Council are unable to finish the exterior part of the project including the side road. This is welcomed by Green Conservationists who are preserving local wildlife.

Vigalondo Laboratory Replaces The Lake House 

Built in the 1970's by Dr. Nacho Vigalondo as a research facility for his top secret work on Time Travel & other extreme sciences. Vigolondo regarded the bay as the perfect place for his research until he was investigated for the dissappearance of several townies. Vigalondo himself went missing around this time. Abandonded, the Council took the liberty of using the lab for its own Scientific Research Facility & small Hospital. His Time Machine remains as testament to his lunacy.


bluestreak said...

Hey! I just wanted to say I think the world looks fab! At first when I saw all my community lots had gone I was like 'aww maaaannnn', but then I looked closely and I couldn't believe what an amazing job you've made of blending them all in so perfectly. In fact, I'd love it if you'd send me a copy of your version! My sims need jobs! Jordan x

bluestreak said...

Oh wait, no need to send it - I just saw that the rabbitholes are available to download. Cool!

Wibs said...

Love what you've done so far - looking good :)

Yoteamo said...

Aww Brill, so pleased you like how it's turned out so far Jordan. I still have quite a few community lots to place but I hope I can do this without bulldozing too much more because I fell in love with all those little houses! <3 <3

Wibs - thank you so much my lovely *hugs*

SimEve said...

It's looking beautiful :)

Yoteamo said...

Hey Eve thanks so much <3
I need to pull my finger out now and get cracking on some community lots hehe :)

Amanda said...

I hate to say when it comes to worlds I'm a little picky...but this is a lovely world and I'm definitly downloading! ;)

Thank you! :)

Yoteamo said...

Noo thank you my lovely for the comments! I'm so glad you like the changes but all credit really must go to Jordan for buildng such an adorable world to begin with hehe :)

Dora said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dora said...

Anymore available now? So sad :<

Yoteamo said...

Hi Dora, there are updated links in the most recent post here: http://yoteamosims.blogspot.co.uk/2012/02/sanford-bay-epic-update-save-file.html#more
You should just be able to download my save file http://www.mediafire.com/?fo7att991nq9747

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