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St James Place - Starter Home

Good evening/morning Sweet Peas & Pods!

This evening I bring you.. no not another update to Sanford Bay (yet), but my entry to Rubysims Contest Here. It's to create a little 10x10 starter for her latest simmie Gemma.
This is probably the nicest starter home I've made so far!

I hope you like it!


Amanda said...

I love it! It kinda screams New Orleans in a way...well it does to me lol! :)


Wibs said...

Oooh, love it - very stylish for a small budget home :) I got an invite to the contest as well, but I haven't decided if I want to do it yet - there is still time though.

Wibs said...

Oh, and I rec'd it!

Yoteamo said...

Wow thanks Amanda! I've never been to New Orleans myself (oneday I shall I hope) so I'm chuffed it does have a kinda style to it hehe

Thanks for the rec Wibs <3 I know what you mean I was deliberating for ages then I started to build. The exterior was 26k simo's alone and I thought omg I cant do this LOL So out came the public markers for the exterior ;)

Wibs said...

I've decided to enter as well, I have a plan and I have already started - just popped out of the game to google some colour codes. This will also be a little experiment, I'm gonna have a Sim live there to upgrade the appliances and decrease the value - so I can have some of the nicer things in it. The public markers is a good idea as well :)

xocaptiveox said...

Reminds me of a new york brownstone. Lovely job my dear :)

Mene said...

Looks awesome Yote, I love the brick! Got it rec'd and downloaded of course.
Lol and I'm also doing the contest, but I'm having a wee bit trouble with it and trying to cram everything in.

Yoteamo said...

@ Wibs
Brill! So glad you decided to join in. I love Ruby's contests and it's great that she really gets alot of the community involved. Yes do keep moving your sims in and out to decrease values too <3

@ Xo, thank you so much for dropping by. Its actually very similar to some of the little brick buildings around here in South London too
ps! I cant work out how to use tumblr lol

@ Mene, Ahh thanks so much *glomp*
cant wait to see your entry. So glad we're seeing more builds from you!! I doubt I can be much help, but if I can be you can always email me yoteamo@live.co.uk xx

brunettesimgirl said...

Love brick houses! I can never make houses made of bricks look "right". You did an awesome job. ♥♥♥

Yoteamo said...

Aww thanks B, I've been wanting to make a little brick house for a while so I'm chuffed you like it! I saw your next build coming up on facebook so I'm looking forwards to seeing that <3 <3

Jennifer said...

Oh I love this and what a great layout is has! Thanks. :)

Yoteamo said...

Thank you Jennifer! I hope you enjoy it <3 <3

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