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The Mare's Nest - Monday Morning Nightmare!

edit: Ruthless is now a part of the request team I'm in. She seems pretty nice so up yours once more TMN.

So I get up, take my daughter to school, rush home to catch up on the Simming Community and visit The Mare's Nest as I do every Monday morning. Its far more entertaining than reading the Sunday papers.. so you can imagine my shock and horror to see MY NAME on a thread. 


Burnett-Nowak Sim Update

Hello cats & kittens, guys & girls!

I've been playing with my simself and my boyfriends simself quite a bit lately, anyway.. 
while I was reading my daughters simself to sleep the doorbell rang. I didnt see who it was.
About 5 minutes later I could hear some quite vocal noises and went to investigate.

Low and Behold!

Plagiarist Featured! What in the world

are the Guru's thinking?!

You can read more about it here

He's been added to the list here

Oh and to all you other Creative Thieves out there..

Oh no lol

Ok, it must be that time of the month or something or perhaps I'm just in one of those moods.. 
but this made me laugh so hard I had to share it!

Any of you who are lurking creative will probably have come across a certain Sim creator who likes nothing more than to recycle their sims, advertise their sims as updated (with no visible changes) and will also request that if you rec'd them the first time.. rec again!
Oh please... 

Anyway I came across quite an amusing (but very old) thread called The Evil Club, so I figured I'd check it out ( as I'm super secretly just a little bit evil sometimes.. like tonight I suppose).

Needless to say, I had to check out what sim it was! It has been removed and probably reuploaded last week.

Plagiarism, Creative Thiefs and General Scrub Compilation.

I'm so tired of these people... they seem to be popping up more and more in Creative so, today I'm making a little list of these people as they pop up. Whether I maintain the list is another question. I guess I'm bored..


Uploaded lots from KateSterling, Sarademoor, 3Trees & Originalsim and took credit for the work. There is a whole heap more lots on there that he didnt create too.

This joker even asks that you gift him for his 'hard work' and has no qualms taking credit for work that's not his. He also has quite an impressive friends list.. that I'm no longer on.

Approach with caution, I firmly believe this guy is a serious crackpot.
Right here baby right here..


Let me introduce you to one of the most recent featured members on TS3 officials.
Yes that's right.. bbguilherblabla.. Who! Thought it would be a mighty fine idea to upload a creation made by Petalbot. 
Epic is not the word when EA decided to feature his copy.. 
anyhoo.. he has a few more mighty fine lots. Lets hope its not one of yours! However, in comparison to HIGHTIMES this guy is just another pebble on the beach.

Almshouse Apartments Complete!

Hello peoples!

I'm so pleased I finally got around to finishing this build. Some of you may remember when I started this early in September. My pictures probably dont do this build any justice but it looks brilliant ingame. Probably the most eye pleasing lot I've made.. at least to my eyes anyway lol

This property is a little over 10k Unfurnished, so will make a great starter. However as always I have also furnished this property and I think it's around the 80k mark.

My Thank You WIP For Miss Keshialee

Hello peaches, 

just to let you all know, that I'm not totally slacking on the building front! I know it's been a while however, here is a wee sneaky peek of my current wip. A little thank you for the lovely Miss Keshialee..

My intended purpose for this build it that it is multifunctional, with the option of having just one small apartment, a larger apartment and the ability to extend either of these into the designated free space which we will call apartment B.

Then of course, if you dont want it as an apartment thats fine - you can also use this build successfully as a family home after bashing down a wall or 2 :)

A is a small yet luxurious top floor, fully contained studio apartment with access to communal gardens as well as private balcony.

B is a small unfurnished top floor apartment, intended uses: To extend Apartment A or Ground floor Apartment C into it. There are stairs in this apartment with direct access to apartment C however, if you wish to extend from the  apartment A, you can just delete the stairs and fill with flooring.

C is a compact yet spacious ground floor apartment. Currently it is 1 bedroom with a study which can be turned into a spare room. I have left the stairs in so if you are considering extending into Apartment B above, the access is already there.

I will be posting a topic on how to turn this building into working apartments after you have chosen which one you want to live in.

Interior pics to come..

SF Magazine, Advert Ideas.

Hello there  peaches and creams!

over at SF Magazine, they are holding a little challenge to create a kids winter wear advert.
Well you know me and recolours... lol Its so hard having to make these kinds of descisions and only able to submit one entry per category!  

So I figured you could help me out and give me some feedback?
..I'd share my cookies with you if I could :D

Ad Option 1

Ad Option 2

Ad Option 3

Models are my  Patty Defoe, Leon Best & Eloise Miller

Toy Ad 1

TSS Calender Entries


TSS are as usual hosting some pretty cool challenges the latest of which is to create pics for a Sims Calender! I wasnt going to post my entries on my blog but imageshack doesnt seem to like poor Smoky so I'll upload them here too.

My First & Second Entries

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