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SF Magazine, Advert Ideas.

Hello there  peaches and creams!

over at SF Magazine, they are holding a little challenge to create a kids winter wear advert.
Well you know me and recolours... lol Its so hard having to make these kinds of descisions and only able to submit one entry per category!  

So I figured you could help me out and give me some feedback?
..I'd share my cookies with you if I could :D

Ad Option 1

Ad Option 2

Ad Option 3

Models are my  Patty Defoe, Leon Best & Eloise Miller

Toy Ad 1


keshialee said...

I have read a lot of kids fashion mags and could certainly see all those in them! But option 2, I love it and I mean really love it, I really could see myself opening up and seeing that it a 'real' kids fashion mag.

Option 1, I think the background is to much.

Option 3 I like as well, with the white/cream against the text.

Yoteamo said...

Keshia thanks so much and hey guess what! They have changed the number of entries per category so I can enter them both and one more heheh
I really love option 2 the most too although the girls on TSS prefer option 3 but my choices are a little easier now /dance

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