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Goodness Gracious Me Sid13..

Good evening my little Simbo's, 

tonight I had the joy of accepting a FR from what I deemed to be a rather nice, normal person by the name of Wings7 so! I accept, hop over to their page to say thanks and what not.. only to see this!

Master Suite - Fancy Fun!

oi oi Saveloy's!

so today I felt rotten (sore throat etc) and slept most of the day only to wake up tonight full of beans!
There was only one thing for it... to start my Master Suite exploration.

I took 3 of my willing ladies  - I say willing but really they had no option and decided to give them a 'Sleepwear Make Over'

So lets take a look shall we & meet the girls!

Home Start - Shared Equity Development

Goooood Morning Simmmerrrs!

well, it's 1:30am so almost bed time for me but I just had to share this with you quickly.
I am still working on Sanford Bay and decided to turn the extra road on the extended version into a, I guess you could call it 'housing development'. You know because the new school there is so awesome and has attracted more families bla bla bla.. hehehe

So here is the first of a few, I present you:

Home Start
Shared Equity Development

New 'My Page' Layout - Sign Now!

Hello guys n' dolls.

As always, EA are doing something to irritate the life out of me (que twitching eyebrow)...
..their latest stunt is probably the icing on the cake, at least til next week when the Head of PR comes up with another (fucking stupid) ingenious idea to piss off the paying customers.

Community Fire House

Whilst I was dreaming about burning not one but two complete twats, I found myself getting stuck into A Fire Station for Sanford Bay which was rather apt.

So here is it my pickles and lillies, 
Community Fire House
Lot Size: 20x20
Fun Factor: 7/10
Trampoline, gym equipment, Tv, Games Console, Slot Machines, Books and spawners!

And if you like this ^ you might like THIS which was somewhat overshadowed by my rant.

Some People...

Unity Chapel - Sanford Bay Update

Hello little squirrels, 

I hope you are all ok and were lucky enough to have missed the shenanigans over at the forums yesterday/today. I for one, was not so lucky and got a right eyefull of some rather disturbing images..
left feeling rather disgusted and unholy,  felt it only apt to get busy in the Bay and crack on with a Chapel. So on that note, I bring to you

Unity Chapel & Burial Ground
Lot Size: 20x20
(NB: I added burial ground as I was taking fiendish delight imagining burying a certain troll..)

Unity Chapel was one of the first buildings to grace Sanford Bay. Built by many hands of many men, it brought the townsfolk together. Hosting weddings, burials and mother's meetings for many generations, Unity Chapel has remained a fundamental and invaluable place within the community. More recently, archeologist Ivan Van Horst discovered a a crypt beneath the chapel which is now open to the public and attracts visitors from many of the surrounding towns. 

St James Place - Starter Home

Good evening/morning Sweet Peas & Pods!

This evening I bring you.. no not another update to Sanford Bay (yet), but my entry to Rubysims Contest Here. It's to create a little 10x10 starter for her latest simmie Gemma.
This is probably the nicest starter home I've made so far!

Sanford Bay Update With 7 Lots to Download & Extended World Download

Hello pickles and lillies, 

this morning I bring you the first update on Sanford Bay. I'm so tired so please forgive any mistakes in spelling etc, I've had like 4 hours sleep as I'm on a mission to get this town ready for my simmies! I dont think I've been so passionate about something Sim Related in a loooong time. 

I've uploaded all of the Rabbit Holes for the Town Centre. Alot are from Pets as they are combined. Missing lots are Library, Salon, Gym and Church with Graveyard.
(I will be building those at some point or you can add your own)

The Extended Version looks like this
 CC Windows & Doors were removed with Custard before I uploaded the World File

NB Both Worlds Fully Created by Jordan @ Poppy Sims!!

Download My Rabbit Holes Here

A New Year & A New World!

First of all,  

I'd like to wish all of you sweet pickles a very Happy New Year! It's been a while hasnt it.. 
I dont know about you but the run up to Christmas, during Christmas and right up until the past week has been manic. 

You may or may not have read before but I was all psyched to be going to Poland to meet my boyfriends parents - it was awesome. I dont think I've ever smoked so much, walked so much and drank so much beer in my life. My Polish has also improved.. slightly. I am now officially on Stage 1 of writing lol
Instead of writing Polish words in phonics which look like 'Jin ku yeh' I am now able to write them like 'Dzienkuje' which is almost correct. 

Anyway back to sims, a year on and I was still looking for my 'perfect town'. I tried so many, searching for a place to call home and then I saw!

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