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Master Suite - Fancy Fun!

oi oi Saveloy's!

so today I felt rotten (sore throat etc) and slept most of the day only to wake up tonight full of beans!
There was only one thing for it... to start my Master Suite exploration.

I took 3 of my willing ladies  - I say willing but really they had no option and decided to give them a 'Sleepwear Make Over'

So lets take a look shall we & meet the girls!

Now lets inspect their underwear Sleepwear before the magic happens..

Not bad.. slightly unimaginative. 
Oh wait! Hey Tasha, I have exactly the same underwear at home what a coincidence!

Ok so lets see what we can do...

As you can see the ladies have gained alot of confidence exploring the fruitful florals this evening!

The Recolours, as I'm quite happy with the results have been uploaded.

That's all for this evening, I'll see what else my brain can muster soon :)
nn! <3 <3


Wibs said...

Looking good :) I realize that it's mainly a bedroom themed SP, but I'm the only one who thinks there's a little bit too much ladies sleepwear in this pack? I would have preferred more furniture maybe. But overall I like it. Oh and *facepalm me* lol - I just realized earlier that there is also some windows and a door (?) when I watched the Lazy review that TMN posted. I never bothered to check in build mode last time I played! lol

Yoteamo said...

Thanks lovely <3
No you're not alone there seems to be absolutely TONS of ladies sleepwear. Jeez and peas.. I would of loved to have seen more decorative objects or even Accessories!! There's no way I'm going to get around to recolouring the lot, I've still not even tried half of it on. Lol I saw that Lazy review earlier and was also reminded that we had windows and a door..completely forgot too hehe

Wibs said...

I never bothered much with my simmies sleepwear before because there was so little to choose from, so maybe I will put more effort into it now. There are some really nice ones, I like the one I put on Fleur:)

Yoteamo said...

lol same, I was like meh.. it was so ordinary but there are some gorgeous baby doll nighty's and stuff. I am really loving the recolours at the moment hehe

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