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Cocomilia Cottage

Goood Morning! 
A new Wip - man I'm loving these painted ladys! Wanted a bit more of a real feel to the exterior but I'm in a pickle. I cant decide whether to create a family home out of this or leave it as 2, 1 bedroom apartments which is how I designed it.  Feedback Appreciated!

Madle Moss - Modern Gothic WIP update

ok so now the Painted Lady is all finito, I'm back to my Modern Gothic Wip for Madlemosstoss. Currently I'm working on the interior - I suppose the layout will be very similar to that of Eliza June and some of the furnishing but I'm going to ditch the golds for silvers and use nice bright accents against those dark beiges, silvers and plums.
There will be 2 versions of the Modern Gothic, one with CC and one without. Madlemosstoss doesnt mind a few CC items and I think the lighting and photos in the 2nd pic (below) really add to the room effect. Although a similar effect can be achieved using the EA bits n bobs.

Click the Palette for Living Room Hex Codes!

Eliza June is finally finished!

You can download her here Annnd you can see more pics here!

After some serious head scratching, my CC free and EA recolours only Painted Lady is finally on the exchange.

Eliza June my Painted Lady

Good evening peoples! or good day...
I have started the interior of my Painted lady for the comp I may or may not enter. Its taking me aaaages especially as it needs to be CC FREE *whaaaat* and no custom patterns  *scratches head*...

Bathroom Teaser..and links to the house pics

clicky clicky the piccy piccy

Modern Gothic

I originally posted this on TS3 forums and then removed it once I realised there was a competition running for something similar. I might enter.. I might not.

Original Post:
Hello everyone,

for those who know me, I'm not much of a builder - preferring shells but I figured I'd turn my hand to building or at least try to. Last night I started a Gothic house which was pretty good but I suppose quite typical and I wanted larger rooms  - then I had a brainstorm! Modern Gothic! Is it possible? No idea. Can I build one? Who knows..

I'd really appreciate some feedback. In all honesty I've been having a nightmare with the roof.

Yote :)

edit: small changes and additional pics. The question is - the exterior is it now too traditional?

60 Minute Makeover Coming Soon!

I'm really excited to tell you about a column that will be running in the next issue of Composition Magazine. One of my bright ideas that is based on the UK TV show of the same name, which you may have come across. 

Basically, you will be required to write a little letter to nominate your Sim to receive a 60 Minute Makeover of their humble abode. Let us know why they should recieve a makeover, specify which room(s), preferred colour schemes/themes if you have an idea and put a download link to the lot so we can spruce it up for you. 
The thread will be running soon in the Sims3 forums so I hope you've got some sims in mind! 

Watch this space! 



Hello and welcome to my very first Sims 3 blog!
I'm hoping to share alot of my creations with you for you to enjoy and give me some feedback on. Constructive critique is always welcome here. I plan on keeping you guys updated with my latest sim creations, builds and interiors as well as my usual random crap. Infact I usually have a lot of random crap.  You can also make requests and I'll do my best to accomodate.



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