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Hello and welcome to my very first Sims 3 blog!
I'm hoping to share alot of my creations with you for you to enjoy and give me some feedback on. Constructive critique is always welcome here. I plan on keeping you guys updated with my latest sim creations, builds and interiors as well as my usual random crap. Infact I usually have a lot of random crap.  You can also make requests and I'll do my best to accomodate.




sherrylynn1979 said...

Awe!!! You listed my blog! You are such a sweetie! I am loving the look of your blog! I may have to switch over from wordpress! :D That would be too much work though...lol! I am gonna follow you now! :D

Yoteamo said...

Whoop I have 1 follower. Sherry dear its time to lead the masses lol
I actually think this theme is available as a free wordpress theme amongst many others I found. I can throw you some links xx

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