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Cocomilia Cottage

Goood Morning! 
A new Wip - man I'm loving these painted ladys! Wanted a bit more of a real feel to the exterior but I'm in a pickle. I cant decide whether to create a family home out of this or leave it as 2, 1 bedroom apartments which is how I designed it.  Feedback Appreciated!


Yoteamo said...

Nightmare! How the fook do I get this to act as 2 seperate apartments *cry*
I have placed the public globes in front hallway (under the arches) the front garden, the inside of the half empty apartment, I also placed a hidden room globe as read in sylvns thread and still no joy...

Wibs said...

The public room markers go anywhere you want other sims to have access to (garden, hallway etc.), hidden room marker goes inside the unit you want npc's to live. You also have to assign that unit to npc's by ctrl+shift right click on the door and choose "make npc door". You have to have the restrictbuildbuyinbuildings cheat on when you do this. That's what I did anyway. Though I haven't had a chance to play test it long enough to see if npc's would move in. However, the sim I tested the apartment with did not have access to the npc unit, so I think I did it right.

Yoteamo said...

ahh well I'm defnitely doing something wrong then as my sim seems to want to sleep in the manky bed in the npc apartment. I did make the npc door a npc door but my sim can go through it.
When I play my sim I can /buy in my apt. but cant /buy in the other (good sign) however someone rang my buzzer and I couldnt get him to leave! Will play around a little more thanks Wibs <3

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