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February's Leap Finally Finished!

Cats n' Kittens! Boys n' Dolls!

Tonight, I can finally give you... 

Introducing the Iwate's and the new edition

It's been a pretty hectic time in my game lately. First of all I decided to move my sims to a sunny new world, just because I felt like it was time for some sun, sea and sand.
I then decided to resurrect my very first sim from the bin and give her a make-over and a sister. 
I'd been really excited about playing these girls, especially because Sayuri was the very first sim I had the balls to showcase in creative corner. As you can see, she's changed quite a bit although I only changed her head shape a tiny bit but her mouth is the most obvious change. 

New WIP - a request

Hello once more my little cats and kittens!

I thought it was time to put my Clog ponderings asides for just one moment and start thinking more about my current WIP.

As some of you may or may not know, I recently joined DNA Request Team on the officials and currently I'm working on a build for a 'client'. haha

Its on a 40 x 40 lot, much larger than my normal comfort zone but nevertheless I think it's coming along ok. Apart from the landscaping which I've decided to tackle at the end. 

Clog Moment!

Hello beloved's,

I'm having a bit of a clog moment. Anyone who knows me, will be aware of my fondness for a brand called Swedish Hasbeens which are stupidly priced yet adorable, reproduction, vintage clogs from the 70's that are likely to disintergrate on your feet as they are totally natural and therefore dont often come out of their box...  I have these ones in cream <3 (They are £200 by the way... of course I got mine in the sale!)

Anyway much to my delight, my mum arrived today to collect my little sisters and had bought me a small Valentines Gift. A pair of clogs! Huzzah! Nothing fancy, nor expensive, just some clogs to chill in around the house, to the shop.. whatever. Anyway they are Sanita Danish Clogs and I was SO impressed with the comfort (compared to my Hasbeens which I'm still breaking in..), the leather and how well made they were (yet again, compared to my Hasbeens) so I had to google them.

Well, Hasbeens you might be cool but you're not bloody comfortable and I shall now invest my pennies in Sanita cheap ass, awesome cloggyness! I mean, look at these look at these!
How much are they?  £35.... yes that's right £35!!  (edit I just found them in the sale for £16.. LOL ofc I bought them)

Contempo House

Good morning peaches!

As some of you may or may not be aware, I recently joined the D.N.A. Request Team over on the officials. After much publicity from Sims3 facebook and twitter they needed to recruit a few more people so I offered my services!

Anyway, here is the first request house I've made - it only requires expansion packs and only needs Pets if you want the dog house in the Garden lol

Lot Size 20x30

Indigo Prime - Just a peek!

Morning dolls, jestem zmeczona. Or, as we say in England - I'm tired. :D

I've been working on the interior of a build I'm currently indulging myself in. Well.. it's for a competition and I decided to build a modern. Of course, me being me I've moved slightly away from the beaten track and am now wondering down a muddy path on route to Yoteamo's box of odds and sods.

So what started off as a modern interior has now become modern, with an eccletic twist of madness perhaps. Anyway here is a peek.. feedback is very much appreciated as I'm wondering if I have perhaps lost my mind... CC Free btw ;)

That's all for now but, I shall be back <3

Sanford Bay Epic Update & Save File

Warning: Epic Update

Zomg Cats n' Kittens isnt it cold?!

Perfect weather to crank up the heating and the perfect excuse to add a drop more whiskey to my coffee! Some extra cream on top me thinks, although the hips scream no!

Blaaa enough of my randomness, here is one uber duber update for you Sanford Bay Fans.
Finally I've got my backside in gear and finished off the Library/Cafe which was one of the original buildings in the town. I've also added a few more lots, a hangout, a salon... the only thing that is missing is a gym and a nightclub! Who needs a gym when you can add the equipment to you home or the park ;)

Anyway - bad pic but this is so you can see the current layout which has changed considerably since my first Sanford Bay update.

I am sharing my save file so keep reading and please pay close attention!

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