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February's Leap Finally Finished!

Cats n' Kittens! Boys n' Dolls!

Tonight, I can finally give you... 

Of course the Exchange is being an arse, so I also present thee with

 MediaFire Link
Lot Size 40x40

All Ep's plus a few items from High End Loft and Outdoor Living Sps.
2 Store Items: Lights & Plant

There are no CC Objects, Only CC patterns and the S3pack has been Custardized!
Sim taken photography credit to B5 Studio.

(too many pics to link so hello Slideshow)
Enjoy <3


Amanda said...

*Gasp* Beautiful!

This is just what I needed! ^_^

This will go Great for a Heartbreaker Sim I'm fixing to create! ; )

Thank you! <3

Yoteamo said...

Wooo did you say heartbreaker? I like heartbreaker sims <3

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. *hugs*

Wibs said...

*faints in awe of awesomeness* Let me just call Alexander and tell him I've found our new house. lol

It's a shame the exchange is being stupid, so until you can get it uploaded there - 100 virtual recs to you:)

Anonymous said...

Wow, Yoteish! You have done a very impressive job with this ^__^ I love the lofty living room and once again your bathroom looks freakin amazing! Very nice work with the landscaping as well :] 100 virtual rec's from me too :D

brunettesimgirl said...

Wow you really outdid yourself with this one!


Yoteamo said...

Ohhh waking up to lovely comments its almost as nice as the cookies I'm dunking in my coffeee hehe

lol Wibs did you manage to get hold of Alexander?
I'm sure he'll love it! Thank you darling <3

Manssom! Hey pink cheeks :D
Thank you, it's like a little sanctuary that lofty living room. I suppose the advantage of having a really boring plain white bathroom in real life is that my mind can dream freely about the kind I want to have.

Hello B /tickle
Thank you so much, I cant believe I managed to do it in a week. Something like this usually takes at least two months lmao

Wibs said...

Ooh-wee! One real rec from me, would have given more if that was allowed :) Oh yeah, Alexander and me are still getting married - he just doesn't know it yet. A minor detail :D lol

SimEve said...

This is beautiful Yo.

Yoteamo said...

Thank you for the real rec roomie! lol make sure I'm invited to the wedding, I'll be interested to see if Alexander turns up! haha :D

Ty for dropping by and the compliment Eve <3

Anonymous said...

I think you should post this build on Hydra's exchange thread (if you haven't already) :]

Yoteamo said...

Oh I already did it this morning! There is so many amazing builds out at the moment *looks at you amongst others* I'm not sure it will get noticed. Thanks for the reminder though <3

Mene said...

Yes! A slideshow! *settles in with a coffee to enjoy the show*

OMG! Yote! Damn girl, that house is awesome! The bathroom *drools* , the backyard *drools* I thought for sure this had CC but it doesn't! I'm yabbering again. Of course DRF. I need to see this and night ♥

Yoteamo said...

Mene!! *glomp*

Thank you sooo much heheh yes CC free so enjoy it <3

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the feature <3

Yoteamo said...

Thank you!! <3

Mene said...

I just saw! Congratulations on the feature!
*throws confetti at screen*

Yoteamo said...

*is still picking confetti off of screen*
Thanks lovely Mene <3

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