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Indigo Prime - Just a peek!

Morning dolls, jestem zmeczona. Or, as we say in England - I'm tired. :D

I've been working on the interior of a build I'm currently indulging myself in. Well.. it's for a competition and I decided to build a modern. Of course, me being me I've moved slightly away from the beaten track and am now wondering down a muddy path on route to Yoteamo's box of odds and sods.

So what started off as a modern interior has now become modern, with an eccletic twist of madness perhaps. Anyway here is a peek.. feedback is very much appreciated as I'm wondering if I have perhaps lost my mind... CC Free btw ;)

That's all for now but, I shall be back <3


Amanda said...

Lost your mind?...I don't think so,it looks Fabulous!!!

I really like the different colors...it's like they are a match made in Heaven hehe! ^_^

Yoteamo said...

Thank you so much Amanda, I feel a bit more reassured now. I dont really do bold colours so I thought I'd give myself a challenge but I was kind of uhming and arring like does it work? Or doesnt it.. hmmm heheheh Ah well not much left to do downstairs then I can start working on the bedrooms <3 <3

Wibs said...

Love, love, love it! The colors and style is ab fab, darling:) And also, do I spot some CC items there? Like the Dalarna horse, some of the painting and lights? Or did they come with Pets?

BeAz Sims said...

Muito bonita! Adorei a combinação de cores, parabéns pelo trabalho!


Yoteamo said...

lol Wibs! I love Ab Fab did you ever get to watch that show in Norway? & Thank you I am definately reassured now that the stylish scandinavian has given it the thumbs up lol Noooo No CC! The Horse comes with Pets (you will buy pets!) The spot lights are from Town Life and Late Night and the Pictures are photos taken by my sim of CC pictures :D

Muchas gracias Beaz, ¿dónde has estado? Echo de menos tus actualizaciones <3

Wibs said...

Oh, clever about the pictures - I never use the photography skill in my game because it takes so long for them to advance. Mind you, that could easily be fixed with Master Controller:) I love Ab Fab, it was quite popular here, ah that Patsy - she cracks me up! lol. I also saw the 2 episode 20th anniversary thing they made, not as good as the original but still amusing:)

Yoteamo said...

lol well now you mention master controller *whistles* haha yes I just moved Ruby's Morgan into the place to test it and ta daaa he suddenly became a photographer in a matter of seconds. Got to love Twallan ;)
Yes the original Ab Fab was hilarious. My old housemate Sarah was alot like Patsy amd still is! They should re0run the original series on tv again, it's a timeless classic

Mene said...

The colors in the living room are gorgeous! I love the paintings, especially the one in the living room... Did I mention I like the living room :P
You make me want to go get TL just for those pot lights :D

Yoteamo said...

lol aww Mene *glomp*! Thanks for dropping by lovely :) And Thank you!!! The paintings are photographs of B5's paintings so now you CC free'ers can enjoy them too! <3
ps I've had TL for yonks and have only just discovered the spotlights lol

Anonymous said...

This is amazing! The living room looks smashing x) I can't wait to see the finished product Yoteish :D

Yoteamo said...

Manssom! Thanks pink cheeks <3 I actually havent managed to work on this anymore since I started doing my DNA request but hopefully I'll be able to get stuck in this evening!

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