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Introducing the Iwate's and the new edition

It's been a pretty hectic time in my game lately. First of all I decided to move my sims to a sunny new world, just because I felt like it was time for some sun, sea and sand.
I then decided to resurrect my very first sim from the bin and give her a make-over and a sister. 
I'd been really excited about playing these girls, especially because Sayuri was the very first sim I had the balls to showcase in creative corner. As you can see, she's changed quite a bit although I only changed her head shape a tiny bit but her mouth is the most obvious change. 

Anyway I was busy building with my tester sim for my current request wip when I got a notification that Loke (by lovely Wibs) and Mitsuko had just had a baby!! Of course I had to get my ass on over there right away. I just couldnt miss this most wonderful moment <3

So it seems I got over there in the nik of time, everyone was just hanging out & Loke was thinking about getting some new threads.

When Mitsuko suddenly went into labour! 
Loke went nuts, he didnt know what to do whilst Sayuri just continued to pose for the camera.

Mitsuko receives her bundle of joy whilst Loke calls everyone to tell them the news.

The news is a bouncing, baby boy, called Lars.
I guess you could say, he takes after his Daddy :D

Waiting for the arrival of Lars clearly worked up an appetite in the Iwate household.
Sayuri and Loke could think of nothing better than celebrating with a... pizza.


Loke came back from the stylist to spend some quality time with his son,
with a very proud Mama Mitsuko watching over.



Anonymous said...

More, more :D

Wibs said...

YAY! Egging you on helped, I see. lol. What a lovely family indeed :) I can't wait to see Lars as a toddler, he certainly has Loke's skin, but they all look the same as babies.

Yoteamo said...

lol thanks Manssom! I hope to getting around to some more updates soon <3

Wibs! YES I you egger onner lol thank you <3 I think they make a great couple and I'm sure it wont be too long before Lars is a toddler. Perhaps he will look more mixed race as he ages up hehe

Amanda said...

Haha I giggled at Loke...I love it when I see soon to be fathers freak out like that! :D

The sisters are Gorgeous! Where did you get Mitsuko's hair at it's so cute!


Yoteamo said...

Hello lovely Amanda <3

lol yes, Loke was just so very typical at the moment :D
Thank you! I hope to get around to uploading a version of Sayuri soon :D Mitsuko's cute updo is from Anubis http://anubis360.blogspot.com/2011/04/newseas-guajira-female-hairstyle.html and Sayuri's is a really low poly hair by Elexis http://linna.modthesims.info/download.php?t=457615

I am sure you will download more than just Mitsuko's hair! I also aim for one download and before I know it, I have 6.. lol

Amanda said...

Thanks for the links! <3

If you ever upload them I will be one of the first to download them lol...they are Gorgeous and I got some HOT Guy sims to fix them up with :)

Yoteamo said...

Amanda you're a doll! Thank you so much :D

These are some of my favourite sims so they wont go on the exchange but my email address is yoteamo@live.co.uk If you send me a little mail I can email them to you hehe

I know it sounds wierd but I'm oddly attached to some of my sims and only share them with the loveliest of my friends lol

Amanda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Amanda said...

That's so sweet! *hugs*

And thank you! I will email you later today...I had to delete my last comment cause I wasn't satisfied with it.....Oooh even though I'm a night person I can't think straight sometimes late at night haha!


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