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Sanford Bay Epic Update & Save File

Warning: Epic Update

Zomg Cats n' Kittens isnt it cold?!

Perfect weather to crank up the heating and the perfect excuse to add a drop more whiskey to my coffee! Some extra cream on top me thinks, although the hips scream no!

Blaaa enough of my randomness, here is one uber duber update for you Sanford Bay Fans.
Finally I've got my backside in gear and finished off the Library/Cafe which was one of the original buildings in the town. I've also added a few more lots, a hangout, a salon... the only thing that is missing is a gym and a nightclub! Who needs a gym when you can add the equipment to you home or the park ;)

Anyway - bad pic but this is so you can see the current layout which has changed considerably since my first Sanford Bay update.

I am sharing my save file so keep reading and please pay close attention!

First things first,

I've never done this before so I hope it works.. 

You will need all EP's and Town Life SP. 
I have used items from other SPs but not enough to drastically change the appearance of the town only some residential lots perhaps.

I built on the extended version of Sanford Bay Download it here
You will need my save file Download it here 
(extract the folder and place it in My Documents/EA/Sims3/Saves)

The following lots are included in the save file, however if you want them in your bin, download below!
All are CC Free, some may contain store content but all will work without.
Edit: The world has a little CC packed in it, windows and some other little bits which have caused me no issues. 

Town Must Haves
Download Plaza (includes Bookstore, Spa & Grocers)
Download Moxo Tower (includes Business Complex & Restaurant)
Download Church (includes Mausoleum)

Additional Community Lots
Fishing Spot (Camping Trailer ) by estyle36

Additional Residential Lots

Onto the library, I really wanted to use Wibs' Townlife Makeover Library but it just wasnt in keeping with the rest of the town so it only made sense to use the house that was originally a library in the original world file. 
The thing I loved about Wibs library was that it had this kind of cool coffee shop vibe to it which I wanted to bring into this redesign. I extended the library to include a little cafe on the side where you can buy food, books and wine and there is also a Nectary Maker in the garden with grapes and stuff for you amateur wine makers. The top of the library is pretty empty for you to add whatever you want. I added some music items incase you fancied some music lessons but you could add sculping or something or even use the additional space as some function rooms for a kids party? 
Anyway here we go some pics

I'll still be adding random updates now and then and am in the process of building another residential for it but for now, I hope the save file thing works and enjoy!


brunettesimgirl said...

I just downloaded a bunch of your lots! I actually downloaded the church and firestation twice (I had them saved, and accidently deleted them...oops.). Can't wait to place them in my Hidden Springs. :D

I love your town too! ♥

Wibs said...

Congrats on finishing it :) I could be wrong, but I think the lots are automatically included in the save so you don't have to download them separately. I downloaded a re-designed version of Hidden Springs once and all of the new lots the person had added was included in the save file.

Yoteamo said...

Hey B, hehe I'm chuffed you have the lots in game!
I kinda went crazy with spawners though and there are snakes in the Chapel be careful! lol
& ty <3 <3

Wibs! Thank you, wow it's only taken me a month or something haha I'm so slow -.-
Also great thanks for letting me know, I did wonder if that was the case as the save file is 75mb or something so I will update the post! Thats much easier than downloading everything seperately :D

Wibs said...

No problem :) If I ever get Pets I'll totally download this! And I can see that my library doesn't fit in with the rest of the New England style buildings. I love yours though :)

Yoteamo said...

Aww thanks lovely <3 It's a shame because I only used a couple of rabbit holes from Pets if the lot sizes were a bit bigger I could of made it Pet free! Anwyay go go buy pets hehe

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