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New WIP - a request

Hello once more my little cats and kittens!

I thought it was time to put my Clog ponderings asides for just one moment and start thinking more about my current WIP.

As some of you may or may not know, I recently joined DNA Request Team on the officials and currently I'm working on a build for a 'client'. haha

Its on a 40 x 40 lot, much larger than my normal comfort zone but nevertheless I think it's coming along ok. Apart from the landscaping which I've decided to tackle at the end. 

This is what she wanted the house to look like

But you know add on a Zen Garden and what not...no store items, can use CC (but I'm keeping it CC Free) and linked pics for interior inspiration. Anyway this is what its looking like so far.

 more to come!
<3 yoyo


Wibs said...

I hate it. Good night.

Wibs said...

Gotcha! No, I love it of course :) Say is that the brick pattern I linked you? Regardless, it looks good. I especially like the bedroom, I think when I marry Alexander SkarsgÄrd we will probably have a bedroom like that. Looks very Scandinavian.

brunettesimgirl said...

Oooohhhh...pretty! I love the look of it! I want when it's done. ;) :P :D

Yoteamo said...

LOL Wibs!
Yes that is the brick pattern! Actually I completely forgot that I bookmarked what you sent me and went on the hunt for masonry. I really wanted something like the large bricks on the outside of the orignal house but alas..glad you like it <3 Aha you see, the clogs are working their magic. I'm getting closer to stylish scandinavian styles lol

B <3 Thanks lovely. I'll keep you posted, it should be ready in a day or 2 :D

Amanda said...

It looks Wonderful!

I'm sure whoever your building this for will be very pleased! ^_^
It looks so close to the one in the picture! :)

Now ahem where is this pattern may I ask? ;)


Manssom said...

Very nice Yoteish :D I love the bedroom ^__^ It looks marvelous :]

BeAz Sims said...

Lindo, adorei!


Wibs said...

@Amanda: Here is the brick pattern: http://www.thesimsresource.com/artists/ung999/downloads/details/category/sims3-materials-masonry/title/pattern--brick-12/id/1086563/

Amanda said...

Thank you Wibs! ^_^

Lovely pattern it's kinda surprising that it's not for pay....but I'm glad it's not lol!

*goes to download pattern*

Yoteamo said...

@ Amanda,thanks lovely! I sure hope they'll like it as it's driving me semi nuts lol
The pattern is awesome for a free one, infact I downloaded every masonry & wood pattern she has!

@ Manssom, thank you <3 A little adult retreat hehe

@ BeAz, muchas gracias amiga! Beijo xx

@ Wibs, thanks for being so helpful roomie <3

SimEve said...

This is looking beautiful!

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