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Community Fire House

Whilst I was dreaming about burning not one but two complete twats, I found myself getting stuck into A Fire Station for Sanford Bay which was rather apt.

So here is it my pickles and lillies, 
Community Fire House
Lot Size: 20x20
Fun Factor: 7/10
Trampoline, gym equipment, Tv, Games Console, Slot Machines, Books and spawners!

And if you like this ^ you might like THIS which was somewhat overshadowed by my rant.

The Community Fire House was built in the 1930's, by oddly enough, the community. Originally, the Fire House has no official employee's but rather ran by some local, heroic volunteers. The Fire House has seen many improvements since it's initial build, more recently since the local council piled a ton of cash in and employees can enjoy a range of activities both physical and mental to keep them occupied when the town isn't ablaze.

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Amanda said...

This Firehouse looks Great! ^_^


Better than EA's lol! ;)

Yoteamo said...

Woo Wicked thanks Amanda so glad you like it!
Although, it doesnt take much to make something better than EA's! lol

brunettesimgirl said...

So much nicer than the big block of a firehouse that EA put in the game. ♥ it! Looks like one of those old firehouses you find in the country somewhere. I know there are a few of those types in Maine, where I'm originally from.

Yoteamo said...

zomg you've just made my day! I actually googled 'New England Fore Stations' earlier today to try and get an idea of what to build as Jordan based Sanford Bay on a 'New England' town. Is Maine part of New England? How wonderful, I'm hoping to create eventually one of those Stephen King type places hehe <3 <3

Yoteamo said...

Fire not Fore.. why cant I spell when I get excited? :/

Sommeliersims said...

Love it! I've been putting those dowdy EA fire station's in my new towns because I couldn't be bothered to build one myself. And now I don't have to - RDF! Thank you :)

Yoteamo said...

Wooohoo A RDF from Wibs! I know what you mean about the EA Fire Stations, they were so out of place in Sanford Bay so New England style it was :)

brunettesimgirl said...

Yep, Maine sure is part of New England! :D Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut make up "New England". ;) Maine actually used to be part of Massachusetts until 1820. I miss Maine at times. :( But I still don't think I'd want to move back there.... *can't stand the cold and snow*

Funny you mention Stephen King...Annasommer was going to take one building his house. You should try too!!!


Yoteamo said...

Ah thats brill thanks B, now I'm a bit more educated and I can google a few more places for inspiration! Wicked :D
His house is gorgeous o.o I love the gargoyles on the fence lol hmmm maybe I will try it at some point but I currently have 3 contemporary wips on the go XD

Caroline said...

I love this Fire House. I will be plonking it down in the next world I play. Sim fire fighters will surely enjoy trampolining while waiting for the alarms to sound!

Yoteamo said...

Thanks Caspin <3
Actually it's pretty funny to stroll past, there's always sims bouncing the day away hehe

Be warned: Many spawners! I kinda went a bit overboard :/

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