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My Thank You WIP For Miss Keshialee

Hello peaches, 

just to let you all know, that I'm not totally slacking on the building front! I know it's been a while however, here is a wee sneaky peek of my current wip. A little thank you for the lovely Miss Keshialee..

My intended purpose for this build it that it is multifunctional, with the option of having just one small apartment, a larger apartment and the ability to extend either of these into the designated free space which we will call apartment B.

Then of course, if you dont want it as an apartment thats fine - you can also use this build successfully as a family home after bashing down a wall or 2 :)

A is a small yet luxurious top floor, fully contained studio apartment with access to communal gardens as well as private balcony.

B is a small unfurnished top floor apartment, intended uses: To extend Apartment A or Ground floor Apartment C into it. There are stairs in this apartment with direct access to apartment C however, if you wish to extend from the  apartment A, you can just delete the stairs and fill with flooring.

C is a compact yet spacious ground floor apartment. Currently it is 1 bedroom with a study which can be turned into a spare room. I have left the stairs in so if you are considering extending into Apartment B above, the access is already there.

I will be posting a topic on how to turn this building into working apartments after you have chosen which one you want to live in.

Interior pics to come..


Wibs said...

Interesting exterior - can't wait to see the interior:)

Yoteamo said...

oh no, I dont know if 'interesting' is a bad or good thing LOL. The interior is going to be something a bit different from me :D

keshialee said...

Aw :)

Just reply to your comment on my blog, I've been around just browsing when I can lately, its getting near the end of the school year here so I have been flat out with son who is in his first year of school, that and have been looking into going back to school myself next year... I'm so bored of sitting at home yet not quite ready to leave my little miss full time to go back to work ;)

I love it, I really do :) And to be honest, all the options sound appealing to me, so what ever you go with will be great, really.

Oh and the other question you asked, my favourite colour is blue, but I am very partial to 'earthy colours' blues, greens, browns... LOL what ever really, I class myself as a colour whore (bhaha, well you know what I mean) I love colour :)

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