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The Mare's Nest - Monday Morning Nightmare!

edit: Ruthless is now a part of the request team I'm in. She seems pretty nice so up yours once more TMN.

So I get up, take my daughter to school, rush home to catch up on the Simming Community and visit The Mare's Nest as I do every Monday morning. Its far more entertaining than reading the Sunday papers.. so you can imagine my shock and horror to see MY NAME on a thread. 



Issue Number 1: No, my signature is not a direct link to TSS. 
It never has been and it never will be.

Issue Number 2. 'the Simmer Society,'
'which has a policy of getting its members to vehemently plug their inner cliques builds'
Just how many TSS Toadies have plugged my builds on the officials?
I count a whopping 3 replies...? what a great inner clique this is!
(I dont even think I'm friends with these people on the officials barring a few TSS members not even mentioned & not 'Ruthy')

Furthermore if you really did some homework you'd soon realise that I've got my own issues with a certain member over at TSS . The overrated ass licker K2 who made it perfectly clear that I was not in any way a part of their inner clique and my random input over there was not received with open arms.
Which actually TSS must thank her for after some of my 'friends' took time out to message me about her stank attitude and to note it was apparent TSS are a clique unto themselves. Although she must of realised this and ended up editing her own Anderson Cooper thread to thank me for my efforts, before proceeding to make a point of writing lovely comments on a ton of people's creations over in creative we think perhaps to redeem herself.

And yes TMN! You may dare to say far better stuff. 
I've been simming since February, I dont expect to have half of the skills some of these vanilla & TS2 simmers have. Mediocre does me just fine.

It turns out TMN has some long terms issues relating to TSS and unbeknown to me, Ex TS3 Mod Ruthless KK. You can read all about that here. Yes way back in January.. when I was still playing WoW..

So to sum it all up, I joined TSS a couple of months ago - made a few posts, joined a couple of challenges and got to know the community over there a bit better. Nothing more, nothing less. 
I didnt participate in any secret society nonsense about super plugging of the mediocre.
I didnt even plug my own shit over there, I posted one build. I got to know the community over there a bit better and make my own personal judgements choosing to lurk more than post.

 So you've branded me part of Ruthless KK's Mafia of the Mediocre.

Why have I bothered to write a wall of text?
Because I'm mortified.

/sad panda is going for a fag while you all Lol @ me :/


Wibs said...

You should quit smoking. I quit almost 18 months ago, best decision ever. Don't be a sad panda. It's only a game.

Maybe this will cheer you up. It's a picture of our friend who just dreamed that she was banned from uploading more crap: http://profile.ak.fbcdn.net/hprofile-ak-snc4/41608_86423936957_4910630_n.jpg

PS! I sent you an email a little while ago before I saw this post.

Yoteamo said...

Oh god LOL hahahaha
this has made my day <3 <3 Darcy just said 'urghhh who is that nasty lady' pmsl!

I am going to quit.. it's expensive and although I dont smoke alot it's a habit I could do without. Fingers crossed I can kick the habit while I'm in Poland!

SimEve said...

Now you are one of the few who know the true nature of TMN. Don't believe the crap they spew about Ruthless either. The best bet is to get to know people for yourself anyway.I'm sorry you got wrapped up in their ridiculous vendetta against TSS. I can't believe they are still harassing them. They must have nothing better to conjure up atm.

Yoteamo said...

Oh Eve thanks so much for stopping by, to be honest I cant quite believe how absurd it all is. I just feel very annoyed that TMN tried to involve me in something which happened way before I even started simming and actually have no involvement in! I do like to make my own judgements and I've met some lovely gems over at TSS regardless of what nonsense they may or may not have done and will continue to support their work. Thank you again xx

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