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TSS Calender Entries


TSS are as usual hosting some pretty cool challenges the latest of which is to create pics for a Sims Calender! I wasnt going to post my entries on my blog but imageshack doesnt seem to like poor Smoky so I'll upload them here too.

My First & Second Entries


keshialee said...

Ohhh, I love the one of Kitty :D

...She's has three toddler's running around in my game ;) I love playing their family.

Yoteamo said...

Oh Wow! 3! So I guess Kitty got her own way afterall in your game lol I also love playing this family, last I heard Kitty was pregnant but the question is.. Is it Billy's!

BeAzSims said...

Eu adorei o calendário da Kitty, ficou maravilhoso, parabéns!


Yoteamo said...

Muchas Gracias! <3

Wibs said...

Oooh, Kitty is quite the little kitten, isn't she? Love it!

Yoteamo said...

Kitty is indeed a bad kitty lol

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