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Mary Jane, 3br 2ba

Hello once again Cats & Kittens, Boys n' Dolls,

This evening (morning now -.-) I bring you what may possibly be one of my last uploads before the new year - Mary Jane!

Mary Jane, a fond reminder of those groovy days past where love, peace and freedom were all that mattered. Mary Jane will provide you will lots of creamy, dreamy comforts and make you feel real goooood.

No I'm not high, this build tis infact for a wee contest. You know me, lover of retro awesomeness just had to join in. I only had 3 days to complete it, so it's not as refined as I would of liked especially the back yard but there are plenty of plants from tomatoes to egg plants :)

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Wibs said...

Love it, my dear ♥ No one does retro as good as you! My favorite room is the kitchen, love the colours and furniture, not to mention how amazing that new kitchen looks. Rec'd and faved:)

Yoteamo said...

Wooo thank you Wibs! You've made my day <3 I'm also very in love with the new kitchen at the moment. I think you can download this without needing the pets EP as I only used 2 items and a pattern from pets which are easy to replace :)

xocaptiveox said...

So very retro and gorgeous <3 I would have to agree with Wibs, you do retro THE best!

Yoteamo said...

xo! hey lovely, thanks so much <3 <3 it was alot of fun to make :)

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