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Hello peaches!

So today I've had a really productive Sunday jammin' in front of the PC - making some eye candy!

I finally finished my course so I'm really happy about that, and will have a bit more free time to get back to my usual simming antics. 

Anyway, I won't ramble on too much and present you with Kye King!

My boyfriend is so unimpressed with this creation.... because I'm quite clearly obsessing over him lol

Requires: Supernatural, Pets, Showtime, Ambitions, Diesel, Town Life, Mastersuite

Custard Approved

Non Transferable CC Credits:  (you will need to DL)
Transferable CC:
Psycho Moles 
Piercing Oh Sigh Sims
R2M tattoos

Hope you enjoy as much as I do! hehehe
Yote xx


Caspin Sim said...

Great Yote! Love his tattoos and also the Tshirt with the moody-looking owl is very cool.

Amanda said...

Hey long time no see! ;)

He is Adorable...and lol my baby brother's name is kye...ain't that funny! :P

Hope everything is well for you,talk to ya later!

Mene said...

Lol! My husband is the same way when I make male sims. It doesn't help that I tell him to stop looking at my screen and try to cover it up like it's something totally important :P

And Kay is Hunk-Ay mmmmmHhmmmmm. Love the profile shot (you know how I feel about noses @.@ ) and the one below it where he is all serious and "rawrish"

Yoteamo said...

Omg Amanda *drops down dead* How the hell are you?? lol Thanks girl and hey, me and your mum clearly have good taste in names dont you think! :D Are you still simming??

Caspin, thanks lovely - hey yeh the moody looking owl is rather cool. It's from Diesel :)

Little Mene (I don't know why I just imagine you to be like a little fairy)! Oh yeh I'm pretty bad, I love nothing more than to drool over my sims - privately haha! Thank you, glad you like him and funnily enough, I DO know how you feel about noses and took that into account when making him. The profile shot was for you lol xx

Wibs said...

Is it me, or is it getting hot in here?! Hot stuff alert;) A rec coming your way pronto! Also, will email you soon *hugs*

Yoteamo said...

*shares my fan with Wibs*
Oh yehhh too hot, pass me a mojito! :D :D
Thanks for the rec and will camp my emails til I recieve it! haha!

Wibs said...

Email has been sent!

Yoteamo said...

I can officially sleep tonight :3

Amanda said...

I'm doing good! I hope you and your family are doing well!

I've been simming on and off for the past month I'm slowly getting back into the sims community!

Sorry it tooks me so long to reply back I don't come on Blogger as much as I used to but I'm getting back into it lol!

SunnyFlower said...

*Le gasp* I am stealing him! TY fir sharing! :)

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