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Falls Touch, 3br 3ba

hello sweet peas & puddin's ;)

I finally managed to finish the interior/exterior reno I started last week. It was originally for a competition - for which the amazing Chemicalwibs won! ..but I didnt get around to finishing it in time. Anyway, waste not want not! Here it is :)

30 x 20
CC free but contains CAP patterns.
Play Tested!
Lots of Piccies in no particular order!


Requires All EP's and All SP's (not Katy Perry)
Custard Approved!

(Relatively store Heavy, see Exchange list)

House Shell by Seascape
Cap patterns by Bluemurder 

Yote xx


Caspin Sim said...

Those colours are just perfect for an autumnal home and the garden is beautiful. I was also pleased to see the pumpkin sitting in the kitchen. I love pumpkins :)

Yoteamo said...

Ahh thanks Caspin! I love pumpkins too... from carving them to eating them - oh yes! Long live the pumpkins <3

Shane Goettle said...

what exactly are the
House Shell by Seascape
Cap patterns by Bluemurder ?

Yoteamo said...


Links usually take you places ;)
Bare bones shell of house made my seascape: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=6372374
Create a Pattern, patterns created by Bluemurder..

BeAz said...

Decoração perfeita, adorei a combinação de cores e a disposição do projeto. Parabéns pelo magnífico trabalho!

Mene said...

Oh my goodness!
I love the landscaping! The 3rd and 5th picture <3

Yoteamo said...

Thank you BeAz! xx

Ahh Mene, yes I almost lost myself in creating a little bit of Autumn in this garden. I'm really bad at planning landscaping but I was happy with this one ty <3

Wibs said...

I already rec'd this when I saw it on the exchange, but I had to comment here as well of course. I love, love the color palette you've used - and especially the tiles in the kitchen and bathroom. And the decor is to die for as usual - you would have given me some serious competition and possibly snagged the first prize had you entered:) I still don't want SN, but dang it - I want those windows!

SimEve said...

So pretty and cozy. I love it!

Yoteamo said...

Hey Roomie, omg been having Wibs withdrawals LOL
Thanks alot pickle, I'm becoming a bit fond of those kitchen tiles lol A run for your money is about right but not sure about snagging first prize! I LOVE your Autumn Road <3 Ahh just give in and buy SN, it's a lot of fun and you get awesome windows lol

Thanks Evie <3

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