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Single Dad

ello ello ello ello.....!

Once again.. it's been a while! I feel like such a slacker BUT not without good reason. I'm studying at the moment and I tell you, my brain is just not able to load and save information like it used to. I dont know whether it's motherhood or age but man - I am dusting off cobwebs from my brain on a daily basis. 
I should be back to regular simmage soon - I have another week of my course and then an exam after which I'm free to nerd for a while :D :D Cannot wait I tell theeeeeee.... *jazz hands*

Anyway, I decided to take a well deserved break today and share with you a household I started last week. (lol... yes it's taken a week wtf).

I really like the father - Theis. He's probably the best male sim I've conjured up albeit he was originally a girl but I preferred him as a guy lol.

Well here they are... meet the Nilson's! 
Single dad Theis & his son Mattis

Requires: Showtime, Supernatural, WA, Late Night & Generations.
Diesel, High End Loft, Master suite & Town Life

Single dad Theis, wants is to provide his son Mattis with a good future. Having been left heart broken by his ex - Theis is not looking for a relationship or so he tells himself. With jobs at an all time low, Theis has found himself not being so much of a good role model in his job choice but being shy and with no one to turn to, what lies instore for the Nilson's?

Might help if I add download links eh...

Download Exchange
Download MediaFire

Cc Credits:
Skin: Ephemera NV1 non default (although I uploaded with my V2 default)
Eyes: Escand Oh My Eyes non defaults
Lips: S-club Privee Lipstick 12

Store Items for Theis
Hair - A Little Layered

Store Items for Mattis
Everyday top - Dad's Old Sweater
Formal top - Heavy Weather Coat
Trainers - The Accelerator

I hope you enjoy!!
Yote xxx


SimEve said...

I love this idea!

Caspin Sim said...

Ello! Love the picture with the ice-creams. Tuck in, young man!

Yoteamo said...

Thanks Evie <3
Wibs did a single mom last year some time but I think I need to give props to the single dads - not that I know any LOL xx

ello Caspin! lol Oh yes, clearly a chap after my heart. Keep the cookie dough comin' :D :D

Mene said...

Theis is quite the looker.... MMMmmmmHHHmmmmm -.^
And Mattis is a little cutie, I love the last pic of him sticking out his tongue.
Goodluck with your studies and final exam :D

Mene said...

Oh and since I'm here I have to tell you a story of my little niece. I saw her a few weeks ago, and like me she is totally into the sims. Anyways she had to tell me all about this fantastic house she downloaded and has been playing in nonstop. And it was your August House. I was all like "Gurl, you should see all her houses and sims!" and sent her here.
Lol I think she downloaded most of your stuff, she loves it :D

Yoteamo said...

Little Mene <3 hello darling!

Thank you hehehe I need all the luck I can get!

That is so nice of you to tell me about your neice, it absolutely has made my day lol. I mean, you know your houses get downloaded and stuff but I always wonder 'do people actually really play in them & enjoy them??' so this is great to hear <3 I hope you're doing well?? xx

Wibs said...

They look fantastic, and what a great dad he is buying them ice cream:) Rec'd!

Yoteamo said...

Ah yes, trying to promote good fathers here. Not that I really know any lol. This is why I love sims! :D
ty for the rec xx

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